Employer Reveals Hilarious Gen-Z E-Mails


| LAST UPDATE 04/12/2022

By Riley Hammond
viral tiktok gen z
Instagram via @brittanibartok

Gen-Z is truly a generation like no other. The anti-skinny jeans digital natives, who grew up in the age of memes and social media, have proven their sense of humor to the internet on several occasions. Now that these individuals are beginning to appear in company offices as employees, they've really changed the way workers communicate with their bosses and each other...

A viral TikTok, shared by a millennial boss named Tommy Flaim, captures just how the Gen-Z employees on his teams write their e-mails - and they're hilarious. We have to admit a few of them are pretty bold - we'd never imagine ourselves sending them to our bosses. Like the e-mail in the clip with a line that read, "Talk soon loser," just before the employee signed her name "Mila" below it. We're actually curious what the recipient's response was. With a team full of Gen-Z employees, we have a feeling the fun didn't stop there. Another creative concluding line read "Hasta la pasta." Gotta love this generation.

@foxandrobin It’s a Gen Z world, I’m just their millennial boss #genz #millenialboss #millenialsoftiktok #startup ♬ Borderline - Tame Impala
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Moving on to the next hilarious e-mail exchange, written by an employee named Anne: before signing her name, she appears to ask the addressee for a small favor, ending it with "No rush!" The hilarious concluding line above her name reads, "Apologies for existing :')." LOL. Her colleague decided to pass on an idea for a concluding line, writing, "Insert pleasantry here" instead. Gen-Z's honesty is hilariously brutal. Another person named Joey, who appears to be done with everyone and everything, teased, "Don't cross me," in small letters under his name. A tough day at the office, we're guessing?

Gen Z Viral TikTok
JEROEN JUMELET / Contributor via Getty Images

The beginning of the hilarious video, which has garnered more than 2.6 million likes, shows Fox & Robin founder Tommy Flaim wearing a headset, with the words "POV: you start a new company and you only hire Gen-Z" across the screen. The amusing look on his face gives a "what have I done?" impression, and after watching the video, we can understand why. But we'll bet everyone enjoys the vibes at this office, despite (or maybe thanks to) Gen-Z's sarcastic comebacks and quirky sense of humor. Stay tuned for more laughs.

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