TikToker Goes Viral With LOL-Worthy Celeb Impersonations


| LAST UPDATE 12/30/2021

By Molly Houghton
TikToker impersonates celebs
Instagram via @stefachka

Meet Stefanie Yunger, an aspiring actress and sketch comedian taking TikTok by storm with hilarious impersonations of our favorite Hollywood stars. Here's why the internet is loving her videos.

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Instagram via @stefachka

The Los Angeles resident's social media is filled with sketch comedy clips, impressions, and accents. And all of that came together in Stefanie's latest series, where she imitates celebrities with a range of accents and speaking styles. From Drew Barrymore to Margot Robbie, it seems there's no one the funny influencer can't impersonate. Seriously, take a look for yourself below.

@stefanieyunger 10 accents and impressions in 60 seconds II #foryou #comedy #accentchallenge #impressions #fyp ♬ original sound - Stefanie Yunger

The shenanigans started with Stefanie's "10 accents and impressions in 60 seconds" challenge, where the TikToker shows off her ability to switch from one accent to another in less time than it takes us to process what impression is up next. From Jennifer Coolidge to Emma Stone, Yunger gave a peek into her talents at imitating celebs in between showing off her regional accents. The video was a total hit and so far has over a million likes on TikTok. And then things got taken up a notch.

@stefanieyunger No but the fact that someone did this is so crazy 😂 #impressions #emmastone #christopherwalken #irinashayk #fy #foryou #comedy ♬ original sound - Stefanie Yunger

Someone loved the impersonations so much that they decided to give Stefanie a hilarious glow-up. A fan of the influencer used face swap to put celebrities' faces over hers as she imitated them in another one of her viral videos. And having Irina Shayk and Christopher Walken's poorly-edited photos over the TikToker's body only made things more hilarious. So naturally, she continued the trend.

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@stefanieyunger This face swap ap is getting dangerous lol #impressions #accentchallenge #comedy #funny #celebrities #fy #fyp ♬ original sound - Stefanie Yunger

"This face swap ap is getting dangerous lol," Stefanie captioned her latest celeb-inspired clip, where she placed the likes of Margot Robbie and Sarah Jessica Parker's faces over her own for her most hilarious creation yet. "I was too frazzled to bear it. Do I call 9-1-1? Or do I just scream, 'John!' and hold him, dying, in the shower?" Yunger says as she pokes fun at Carrie Bradshaw's controversial scene in the Sex and the City reboot.

You can keep up with all of the actress's viral content on TikTok or Instagram.