This TikToker Is Bringing Humor to the World of Nursing


| LAST UPDATE 01/14/2022

By Kayla Black
funny tiktok nurse blake
Instagram via @nurse.blake

It's safe to say that nurses have had a very tough couple of years. From short staffing to endless hours dealing with COVID patients, they certainly haven't had it easy in facing the pandemic. But luckily, there's one nurse who's turning lemons into lemonade and bringing some much-needed laughs to the nursing field. Nurse Blake is a social media legend amongst health care providers around the United States. His combined following on Instagram and TikTok has climbed to over one million with no signs of slowing down. So let's take a look at why people can't get enough of him...

Blake, who is a vet nurse working in an ER in America, started posting comical videos about his ups and downs during his shift. From lazy coworkers to demanding nurses, he handled the good and the bad with a smile on his face and spread some relatable content for other nurses to enjoy. In fact, his videos are so relatable, that besides the odd medical terminology, pretty much anyone can get a kick out of his sarcastic sense of humor. Especially when it comes to his jokes about some of the more interesting patients that he cares for.

nurse blake tour tiktok
Instagram via @nurse.blake
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In just a couple of years, Nurse Blake's popularity grew to such heights that he even set out on a stand-up comedy tour across the country! That's right, in the month of October alone, the cheeky nurse visited 19 cities to share more of his relatable jokes with the country's hardworking nurses - and people couldn't get enough of it! And his latest venture? The creative comedic genius also published a children's book about his life's path that led him to nursing. So whether you're looking for an inspirational picture book or some sarcastic humor to get you through your shift at work, Nurse Blake is your go-to guy.

@nurseblake welcome back to school!! #nursingstudent #fyp (ib: @blakeroyden ♬ original sound - user8875492597540

You can find all of his hilarious videos and more information about upcoming comedy gigs on his official TikTok page @nurseblake. And be sure to check back soon for more viral and relatable content that you won't want to miss!

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