Viral Kid Gets Into Hilarious Heated Exchange With Santa


| LAST UPDATE 12/22/2022

By Lily Tipton
Santa Jeremy Viral Letter
@javi_bear17 via Instagram

From a young age, we were taught all about the ways of Santa. He gifts all those who have been nice in the past year and dismisses the naughtier children. At this point, we take it as fact, not even imagining there is a way around it. A kid named Jeremy, however, who was not one to just take it as is, decided to take matters into his own hands when Santa did not deliver. He decided to write a threatening letter to the white-bearded man, demanding he correct his ways. Of course, the entire exchange was published on TikTok, and over 18 million people couldn't get enough...

"Dear Santa, I am riting this the day after x-mas and I am very sad. I only received 1 of the 2 presents I asked for," he wrote. "Sense [since] you ate my cookies I will asoom [assume] that my missing gift wuz a miss take [mistake]. Jeremy." Pleased with his letter, the boy sat back and waited for his response to arrive.

Jeremy Santa Viral Letter
@koko_mink via TikTok
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To Jeremy's surprise, Santa was unfazed by his complaints. "Dear Jeremy, I am sorry you are disappointed with your presents. You asked for two very expensive presents, and Santa can only do so much," Santa wrote. "You need to learn to be grateful for what you have and not be upset about what you don't. If you continue to complain, I will have no choice but to add you to the naughty list next year."

@koko_mink Jeremy was NOT playing about his Christmas!!! #greenscreen #christmas #santa ♬ original sound - Kodi Mink

The bold kid replied, upping his threat. "Dear Fatty, Your threats don't scare me. I played your game, and you did not deliver," he wrote. "This is not okay. I will give you one week, and then you will pay." Coming to his level, Santa replied with his own warning. "Dear Jeremy. You are being a very bad little boy. Because you cannot be happy with what you have, I have talked to your parents and told them to take away your Wii U. Now you have nothing." Desiring the last word, Jeremy finished off the exchange with one final letter. "Deer Santa. I do not like that stunt that you pulled with my parents. You are on my naughty list now. Be afraid you look slow and easy to kill. Enjoy your cookies next year because they will be poison. I hope you die." As the TikTok caption read, "Jeremy was NOT playing about his Christmas!"

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