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Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Ugly Christmas sweaters may be ugly… But that’s exactly why we love them. This offbeat holiday tradition is beloved by so many people around the world, and the Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters are on Amazon. We’ve taken the pain out of your search for the best ugly Christmas sweaters this year, all of which are available on Amazon right now! Whether you love ugly patterns, characters like Santa or the snowman, there is an ugly Christmas sweater for you. We’ve brought together a list of the 13 Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters.

1. TWDYC Mens Embroidery Knitted Snow

Let’s get started with an ugly red sweater! This knitted sweater presents a charming scene of a skiing village, with little tiny embroidered people making their way up and down the slope. The little village is abuzz in the background. If you’re looking for an ugly red sweater, this one is definitely for you.


TWDYC Mens Embroidery Knitted Snow

It would also make an excellent gift for that family member who says they don’t want a present this year! Regardless, it’s men's only, so bear that in mind, ladies - unless you want to go for the ugly oversized Christmas sweater look that is.

2. Sleeve Round Neck Holiday Pullover

We cannot get over how ugly this range is - we love it. This ladies’ sweater comes in heaps of different prints and color combinations - we love the one with the ugly fluffy white-collar, or the huge pine trees on a black knitted background if you want something more subtle.


Another great option if you’re trying to play it cool is the more classic Alpine print options in red and white. It’s high quality made from polyester and cotton and is super cozy for cold snowy holiday nights.

3. Tipsy Elves Black Lit

Light is one of the things Christmas is all about right? Well, it’s also about giving, and celebrating with friends and family - and for some, that will include ‘getting lit’ as the kids these days say. This ugly Christmas sweater is just as hilarious as it is ugly, thanks to its hilarious message.


Tipsy Elves Black Lit

It comes in black, with white writing and a decorated tree on the front. The adorned tree lights also lit up, giving ‘lit’ a whole new (and literal) meaning. For extra comic effect, give it to a grandparent to wear this Christmas.

4. Tipsy Elves Funny and Classic

Now, these are a little naughty and most definitely in the spirit of the ugly Christmas sweater tradition. They strike the perfect balance between ugly and ironic. We’ve got Santa reading the paper as he’s using the chimney as a toilet, beer pong, Santa asking to ‘send nudes’, as well as a booze bottle Christmas tree.


Tipsy Elves Funny and Classic

Since they’re a unisex design, you can match the vibe of each family member with a unique ugly Christmas sweater for them. Alternatively, give these as gifts to the more cheeky family members!

5. LED Light Up Reindeer

Yes, this ugly Christmas sweater isn’t just ugly in two dimensions… It’s also ugly in 3D! This Rudolph sweater has LED lights that are wrapped around his head, a big red nose that you can touch, and a scarf that even comes down off the sweater.


LED Light Up Reindeer

This is a super ugly and bright design, and will definitely be the center of attention at your Christmas gathering. The sweater is also unisex, and also comes in red and black. Who does it suit most in your family?

6. Ripple Junction Krampus Knit

To us, this sweater is so ugly… that it may even be cool. With a cool, symmetrical alpine design, this ugly Christmas sweater has the words KRAMPUS printed in the middle. This sweater is a must-buy for the ‘too cool for school’ kid in your family.


Ripple Junction Krampus Knit

The sweater is unisex, and according to the reviews, it is warm enough to as a sweater but not too bulky - always a plus. Other reviewers also say that the sweater is ‘excellent quality, and I receive nothing but compliments.’

7. FOCO NFL Block

If you’re a diehard sports fan that lives for your NFL team - we’d be surprised if you don’t already own this patriotic and proud sweater! Each team comes with its own design, in the team colors, and with the team mascot on the front too.



What’s great about this sweater is that you can also wear it to cooler games, not just during Christmas! This also makes a great gift for the football fanatics in your family or friendship circle. Also since it doesn’t look too Christmasey, you can wear this out and about all winter long.

8. Knitted Pullover

When our mind thinks of ugly Christmas sweaters, this is what comes up! These are so classic, from a scarf-clad snowman to a range of adorable reindeer cartoons, this knitted pullover ugly Christmas sweater has you covered. With so many to choose from, you’re bound to find your next ugly Christmas sweater here.


Knitted Pullover

Reviewers also love the product, with one saying ‘it’s the perfect fit and the perfect length.’ They are also super cozy and warm, perfect for cuddling up after a big holiday meal.

9. Blizzard Bay Llama

This ugly Christmas sweater isn’t for the faint-hearted - it’s for those willing to commit to their joke and bring it home! This Blizzard Bay lama sweater comes in 4 designs - each lama doing its own unique move, or dressed in its own unique look and colorway.


Blizzard Bay Llama

Our favorite is the blue and purple - a more unusual color combo for Christmas but it hits right. This ugly Christmas sweater is super popular among reviewers, with one saying that ‘if you don’t buy this, you must hate Christmas, and another calling it an ‘epic sweater.’

10. Tipsy Elves Gaudy Garland Sweater

If you want to make an entrance at your holiday gathering - then you gotta buy this ugly Christmas sweater from Amazon. Adorned like a tree, this green sweater has tinsel, baubles, and plenty of glow. You’ll be the center of attention at your Christmas party, and you’ll definitely be bringing the spirit and good times too.


Tipsy Elves Gaudy Garland Sweater

This sweater was also featured on Shark Tank. The sweaters are also built to be durable, so you can continue to make your friends and family laugh each year with this hilarious and ugly sweater.

11. Tacky Happy Holidays

It may be tacky, but we didn’t say it - they did! These jumpers have Christmas ugliness to boot, with plenty of designs for women that totally fit the bill. Our favorites of this range are Santa and Jesus in a kombi, on a light blue background, the navy ‘sleighin’ it’ sweater, and all the sweaters covered in little tassels that look like Christmas trees!


Tacky Happy Holidays

The humor and ugly factor make these sweaters great for this year’s ugly Christmas sweater game. Reviewers also love them, with one calling it ‘very cute’ and another one ‘epic.’

12. Alex Stevens Stegosaurus Santa Ride

This ugly Christmas sweater wins 10 points for originality - it’s not every day you see Santa riding a stegosaurus, one of our fave dinosaurs ever! This sweater is perfect for the family bookworm or dinosaur expert, and it's bright yellow and blue colors make it super bright and ugly.


Alex Stevens Stegosaurus Santa Ride

If you’re looking for something different or original in this year’s Christmas sweater, this stegosaurus sweater is definitely something you should consider. It’s unisex and looks great on both male and female buyers. It’s also a little more subtle than other sweaters, so it also makes a great option for those not wanting to be the center of attention.

13. Color cosplayer Two Person Ugly Christmas Pullover

These sweaters are great to make sure your kids stay at the table after dinner! This unique range of ugly Christmas sweaters is designed for two people sitting side by side. From the badass sunglasses-wearing Reindeer, the skinless Santas with exposed organs (you gotta see it to believe it), and the Christmas-themed dinner tux, these sweaters are definitely going to turn heads and be the topic of conversation at your holiday event.


Color cosplayer Two Person Ugly Christmas Pullover

Though the sweaters may have a bit less application than the ugly sweaters previously mentioned, they’re bound to bring some laughs to your event.

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