Two Adorable Penguins Went On A Sushi Crime Spree

Taran Underwood

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In New Zealand, life is different. The toilets flush backwards, everyone talks with an accent, and, oh yeah, sometimes their penguins are just plain criminals. Two little cheeky penguins have been delighting the internet after being caught waddling into a local sushi truck in Wellington. The pair had made their way through town to get to the locale, seemingly aware it would be full of their favorite treat: raw fish.

The first time it happened, the sushi truck owner, Long Lin, called in the authorities to have them removed. "I still can’t believe I saw the penguins. I got to hold them. It was unbelievable. They were trying to come out and I caught one and put it inside. I just didn’t want it to run away. Then another one came out, he was obviously looking for his mate, and I caught it. The guy was actually trying to bite me. I got a few nips on my chest."


But, as if that wasn't enough of a shock, the penguins later came back to the same sushi truck. Police eventually determined that the pair had begun nesting underneath the truck. Because sometimes you love a restaurant so much, you decide to just go ahead and live there. Luckily, authorities were able to remove the penguins and release them back into Wellington Harbor. Only time will tell if the pair will adjust to the quiet rural life, now that they've grown into city slickers.