Twitter's Hilarious ‘Monday After Easter’ Memes


| LAST UPDATE 04/19/2022

By Riley Hammond
easter sunday funny memes
Instagram via @veronika_a_sisi

The glorious three-day weekend of Easter 2022 has come to an end, and thousands of people are finding themselves back at work the first thing Monday morning. For a lot of social media users, the concept didn't quite sit right - and it inspired a fresh set of memes that we hope will help get you through the week...

Unfortunately for a lot of us, Monday Easter isn't a federal holiday. However, some businesses decide not to open on the day after Easter, meaning that their employees don't have to come into work. And while those fortunate few can consider themselves lucky to continue the festivities on their extra day off, others aren't as happy with their situation. Like Twitter user @_RareDefined, for example, who posted a short clip of a man throwing his head back in frustration, with a caption that read, "It's upsetting me and all working ppl that tomorrow is Monday and most employers expect us to come in the day after Easter." 

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Another user named Robert Schlesinger hilariously posted the guy explaining meme with the words "Nothing says 'WOKE' like placing a Monday after "Easter Sunday," written over it." LOL. He also left a bonus comment in the thread that read, "I FEEL PRETTY SURE JESUS WOULD NOT HAVE APPROVED PLACING A MONDAY AFTER EASTER," in all-caps. His brief but powerful rant is something we can all relate to - we may be in the office physically, but mentally, we're still on vacation. Perhaps another user named @alex_holst - who tweeted, "Easter Monday and I have to go to work, something isn’t going right here" - gets it.

hilarious meme Easter eggs
paisan191 via Getty Images

As for those who do get to stay in their PJ's today, they didn't shy away from flaunting their continued fun all over the social media platform. One user named Bethune CI posted a GIF of a golden retriever dozing off in its little bed, captioning it, "Monday is a Day… wait a minute… we're closed for Easter Monday. See you all bright and early on Tuesday." Well that was brutal. But for those who found themselves setting their alarms to wake them up early on Monday morning, at least it's good to know that you're not alone! Happy holidays!

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