Twitter Users Are Sharing Their Nicknames – & It’s Hilarious!


| LAST UPDATE 05/24/2022

By Arianna Morgan
funny viral nickname twitter
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You just never know what your nickname is going to be. Some get a lot luckier than others, but for the most part, you just don't get to choose the name; the name chooses you. The lucky ones get away with something cool like "Gatsby" or "Big Papa," but then others are forever indebted to "stinky Sam" or "booger." Whichever way you look at it, it's just something you have to deal with; for the good or the bad.

Nicknames just find you. They stem from the awkward day at summer camp when you accidentally tripped and fell into the pool and now are remembered as "floaty," or you won homecoming prince as a sophomore in high school and automatically you're nicknamed "legend." The lucky few are born with names that are meant to be nicknamed, Joseph can be Jo, Joey, Jo Jo, etc. Regardless, without knowing, some randomized event will define you for years to come.

Funny Viral Nickname Twitter
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A published author and reporter, Erin Somers, started a hilarious viral Twitter thread when she shared the story behind her sister's college friend's nickname, Burgers. She tweeted, "Thinking about how my sister's college friend was nicknamed "Burgers" cause one time he talked about grilling burgers too enthusiastically. You have to be careful." Yes, you do. Her thread prompted people everywhere to share their own obscure nicknames and how they got them, and it's hysterical!

People are just creative (and ruthless) with their nicknames, as seen in response to Erin Somer's Twitter thread. One Twitter user confessed his nickname is "Ankles," which was given by his 8th graders after wearing no-show socks, but then it changed to "socks" after he showed up in a pair of ankle-length socks. "Sometimes you can't win," he said. Another Twitter user doesn't even remember his peer's real name from high school after strictly being called "Dewey" for four years after wearing a t-shirt with Mountain Dew. Ouch. A classic example of doing nothing and receiving the nickname "Clean Paul" came to this Twitter user's friend after he lived in the same dorm as someone named "Dirty Paul," and now that's how he is forever known. This is a PSA for those who are not nicknamed yet, be careful!

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