'Euphoria''s Fashion Is Taking Twitter by Storm


| LAST UPDATE 01/27/2022

By Scarlett Adler
euphoria season 2 twitter

Let's face it - either we've gotten old or kids these days are dressing very differently. But when it comes to Euphoria's finest, they've actually done a whole lot more than swap Heelys for heels. Ever since the HBO show's season 2 premiere, the cast's bold wardrobe has caught online attention. And you can bet Twitter wasted no time joining in on the fun! Keep scrolling for some good laughs.

For starters, it appears we're not the only ones confused by the cast members' dress code: platform heels, silk dresses, a face full of glam - our high-school students are serving fresh-off-the-runway as opposed to fresh-outta-bed. And while we respect their ability to show us how it's done, we can't help but laugh at their over-the-top ensembles. I mean, we certainly didn't show up to AP Algebra looking like that...

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"When you're about to go to school, then remember that you go to the Euphoria High School," one amused Twitter user joked, alongside a snap of a model strutting their stuff on the catwalk. But they weren't the only user with lots to say. "I can never fully place the setting of Euphoria. At first I thought it was suburbia, but its kinda hood, then sometimes it gives Middle America... The best I can come up with is art school or purgatory," another user hilariously mused. If that's the case, where do we sign up?!

euphoria season 2 fashion

All jokes aside, though, Euphoria's costume director is happy to help us out here. As Heidi Bivens put it, "I'm always looking for a way to communicate the story through costume," she explained in a sit-down with Variety"After I read the scripts, I'm trying to empathize with the characters and put myself in their place and imagine what it would be like to feel what these characters feel." While perhaps we'll never know how they truly feel while they walk those halls, we do know that they look fierce doing it. Be sure to tune into Euphoria - every Sunday on HBO - to see what other surprises Bivens has got in store for us!

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