The Funniest Reactions to Megan Fox and MGK's Engagement


| LAST UPDATE 01/13/2022

By Riley Hammond
mgk megan fox engaged
MEGA/Contributor via Getty Images

As you probably already know, the latest Hollywood couple to make headlines is none other than Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly - who recently announced their engagement to the world! The bride-to-be revealed the news on Instagram, where she shared a video of their special moment, ending the caption with "and then we drank each other's blood." Since then, people are taking to Twitter to post their hilarious reactions to the quirky couple's new status.

First up? One Twitter user hilariously posted a photo from Twilight - the scene from Bella and Edward's wedding where she has a nightmare: a bride and groom standing atop a pile of bloody bodies. The user captioned the post, "Megan Fox and Mgk are engaged," followed by, "our days are numbered before we have the real-world version of this." Other users added their own jokes in the comments section, with one person saying: "If y'all keep giving them ideas," followed by a crying-loudly emoji face. Another person commented, "y'know, all I'm asking for is an invite to be one of the dead people if they do this for a cover, that is ALL." 

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Apart from the funny response to Megan's Instagram caption, other Twitter users shared their heartbreak over missing their chance to marry the 35-year-old model. One person shared a short video of a young girl crying, captioning it, "Hyperventilating rn, Megan Fox isn't getting married to me." Someone else shared a similar video, writing, "Megan Fox is engaged." Sharing the grief was another user, who posted a meme of Debra Jo Rupp crying, with the words, "I'm just...Horribly, horribly depressed" in the image. The caption read, "Just found out Megan Fox is getting married." LOL.

megan fox mgk engaged
Instagram via @meganfox

Machine Gun Kelly also shared an Instagram video of the engagement ring he gave to Fox, explaining the idea behind it. He explained that the ring contains his birthstone (diamond) and her birthstone (emerald), which together form two halves of a whole heart shape. The two videos the couple shared have left the internet overflowing with a diverse mix of emotions. Now? The world is waiting anxiously to find out what lies ahead for these lovebirds. Stay tuned!

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