Funny Bathroom Things
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Twitter Thread Shares The Most Hilarious Things People Have Ever Found In a Guy's Bathroom


| LAST UPDATE 10/17/2021

By Scarlett Adler

When Jodie Grace shared a picture of her boyfriend's bathroom - complete with a hairbrush taped to a toilet plunger - Twitter jumped on it. Let’s take a look at the weirdest things people have ever stumbled upon in a man's bathroom.

Kangaroo in the Loo

According to Twitter user @Morogerrs, this is “by far the craziest thing” she’s ever seen in a bathroom. And we’ve got to agree. If you look to the bottom left corner of the image, you’ll see what she means…

Funny Things Mens Bathroom Funny Things Mens Bathroom
Twitter via @morogerrs

That’s right, that’s a live kangaroo crouched over next to the toilet bowl. It looks like it’s had a hard night. We have to assume the picture’s been taken in Australia, but there’s no other info we can take from this picture - What is it doing in the bathroom? Is it a pet kangaroo? Guess we’ll never know.

Moaning Myrtle Haunts The Bathroom

If you’re a big fan of the Harry Potter franchise, no doubt you’ll recognize the person in this image. It’s Moaning Myrtle, the ghost of a young girl whose spirit is stuck at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. But why is there a picture of her stuck to the toilet?

Funny Things Mens Bathroom Funny Things Mens Bathroom
Twitter via @thestoryofpat

It seems to be a funny reference to the character, who is known for haunting the bathrooms of the wizarding school. We’re sure many fans of the series would love to take a pee-break in this bathroom! And it seems that readers agree, with Ella Greenman saying, “I actually love it!”

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Don’t Forget To Brush Your Teeth

Twitter user @HooliganHoule shared one of the more bizarre images on this list. It shows a white and blue toothbrush that has been so worn down that it only has a few tufts of spiky bristles remaining. We know that some guys like to hold onto things past their use-by date (holey underwear, anyone?), but this is going a bit far.

Funny Things Mens Bathroom Funny Things Mens Bathroom
Twitter via @hooliganhoule

Does this toothbrush owner really still use this monstrosity? We sincerely hope not, as there’s not a lot of teeth-cleaning those five bristles can do. As Susan Green aptly commented, “looks like someone was never told to replace their brush regularly.”

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There’s no other way to explain it, other than “a hole in the wall.” Because that’s what it is. But it seems the ingenious owner of this bathroom has decided to make the most of a bad situation, by finding a new place to house his bathroom objects. Why call your landlord when you can score some new storage instead?

Funny Things Mens Bathroom Funny Things Mens Bathroom
Twitter via @lindsrio

What makes this image even stranger (if that’s possible), is the label on the red container. The only word you can see on it is “Paste.” But what is this mysterious “Paste”? And does it need to be stored in a broken wall? Whatever it is, we hope his housemates are ok with their makeshift bathroom cabinet.

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Citrus Storage Solution

@Alexxaandraaaa shared this confusing image to the ‘guys' bathroom’ Twitter thread. It shows what appears to be two blue-and-white toothbrushes sticking out of an orange. Well, we can assume it’s a temporary toothbrush holder, but this picture still raises a lot of questions.

Funny Things Mens Bathroom Funny Things Mens Bathroom
Twitter via @alexxaandraaa

Like, how did they get the round orange to stay in the same position? Don’t they know the orange is going to rot? We suppose it’s simply a convenient money-saving tactic, to save buying a toothbrush holder. Though we can’t help but think a kitchen cup would have been a fine (and longer-lasting) substitute…

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Mr. Toothbrush

If you remember the popular 80s show The A-Team, no doubt you’ll recognize this plastic figurine. @Clarabellecows found this nifty action figure-turned-toothbrush holder in someone’s bathroom, and we have to admit - it does a better job than the orange in the last entry.

Funny Things Mens Bathroom Funny Things Mens Bathroom
Twitter via @clarabellecows

The reference may be a little old, but a Mister T toothbrush holder isn't the weirdest thing on this list by a long shot. We’re almost wondering if the action figure was designed to be a toothbrush holder since it fits so perfectly in his hand!

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Snacks On Snacks On Snacks

Tweeter @Kaitlinsimon99 starts her tweet off with the caption, “Went to look in the bathroom for toilet paper and…” followed by a picture that wouldn’t be strange out of context… until you realize it was taken in a bathroom. A guy's bathroom, of course.

Funny Things Mens Bathroom Funny Things Mens Bathroom
Twitter via @kaitlinsimon99

The picture shows an array of snacks and cereals that have been stored in the bathroom cabinet, of all places. While it’s always nice to have some snacks on hand, do you really need to keep them in the same place that you brush your teeth and use the toilet? We’re definitely skeptical.

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DIY Loo Roll

This photo shows “The boys upstairs toilet paper roll,” according to the poster. We’re glad they describe it because we’re not sure we would know what it was otherwise. Their DIY toilet paper roll is a bizarre, almost dangerous-looking contraption made of pencils, duct tape, and elastic bands.

Funny Things Mens Bathroom Funny Things Mens Bathroom
Twitter via @ohhitsmckenna

Doing your home renovations can be helpful, especially if you don’t want to shell out for a professional repairman. But even this is a stretch and looks like they confused the local stationery shop with the hardware store. As user @Moondrop commented, “I guess someone is an engineer in training.”

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Blinders For Reading

We wonder if Twitter user @Mollyfat2 had to reconsider her relationship when she stumbled upon a strange mangled sleep mask in her boyfriend's bathroom. But when she asked him about it he said he “made himself blinders for reading.” And all we can say is… ok?

Funny Things Mens Bathroom Funny Things Mens Bathroom
Twitter via @mollyfat2

Though it may seem strange (and potentially a waste of a good sleep mask), her boyfriend insisted that he needs it. The edges of the mask block his peripheral vision because he gets too distracted while he reads. Who knows, maybe it works so well that @mollyfat2 will use it too!

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Who Is She?

As if the kangaroo wasn’t enough, it seems a tiny feathered friend has found its way into this guy's bathroom! This little black owl looks slightly dazed as if it’s not sure how it got there either. And @pabstjules doesn’t seem to offer any further explanation.

Hilarious Stuff Guys BathroomsHilarious Stuff Guys Bathrooms
Twitter via @pabstjules_

We can’t help but wonder about the pink flakes in his feathers. Did he run into a birthday cake before he found the bathroom, or was there a fantastic fight between the little owl and an errant flamingo? Whatever it is, we hope the little guy is ok.

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The Only Roll Left

You know what they say - when things go downhill, improvise! @Harley_schroyer took to social media to share her boyfriend's unusual toilet paper situation, and improvise is just what he’s done. As the caption says, “this was the only toilet paper the bathroom had :)”

Hilarious Stuff Guys BathroomsHilarious Stuff Guys Bathrooms
Twitter via @harley_schroyer

It seems that they’ve had a little accident with their toilet paper holder, and the whole middle bar has fallen out. While some more ambitious types might make repairs, a little bit of imagination can work wonders too. We’re not sure users like JennyBee, who commented “OCD IS TRIGGERED” would agree.

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The Toilet Goblin

“Was looking through this like ‘what’s up with all these other dudes’ then I remembered I insist on having Toilet Goblin.” That’s the caption @Builyd added to this strange picture after he posted his own bathroom! He’s a brave man - not only for oversharing on the internet but for having this odd creature in his bathroom.

Hilarious Stuff Guys BathroomsHilarious Stuff Guys Bathrooms
Twitter via @builyd

This so-called “Toilet Goblin” is an unusual patron-saint for a bathroom, but he’s definitely an interesting choice. The Toilet Goblin has a pretty big smile on his face, so at least he’s happy with his job. Not to mention @Builyd is clearly happy with him.

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He’s Always Watching

“I’m so glad I can add to this thread,” Twitter user @Haieighschwalm wrote as the caption for her contribution. And what a contribution it is! Though you’ll have to squint to see it. He’s right there, just under the towel holder, and above the lightswitch.

Hilarious Stuff Guys BathroomsHilarious Stuff Guys Bathrooms
Twitter via @haileighschwalm

It’s a very small picture of a man looking out from behind the hanging towels. Though we have to admit that his pointing finger and accusatory stare would make us feel a little uncomfortable. The last thing we want is to be judged while having a shower.

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A Holy Helping Hand

We’re not sure any Catholic readers will be happy with this decor choice, but user @Am_wilki and her friends are no doubt satisfied. “Casual picture of the pope holding the window open,” reads the caption she shared. And it’s a perfect description really.

Weird Twitter Bathroom FunnyWeird Twitter Bathroom Funny
Twitter via @am_wilki

It seems there's been an issue with the window hinge, and it won’t stay open. So these residents have taken the matter into their own hands - or, more fittingly, the pope’s hands. All they needed was a framed photo of the religious leader. We just hope he doesn’t fall out of the window!

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Big Goldblum Fan

We all have a favorite celebrity, whether it’s fallen pop-idol Britney Spears or teenage activist Greta Thunberg. But not everyone wants to express their love for their celebrity idol as much as Twitter user @Grizzlymantis. Just look at the photo below.

Weird Twitter Bathroom FunnyWeird Twitter Bathroom Funny
Twitter via @grizzlymantis

That’s right, this guy is a diehard stan of iconic actor Jeff Goldblum. And if you don’t believe us, just take a look at this bathroom decor. On the door is a headshot of Goldblum, and on the wall is an enormous framed poster of the film Thor Ragnarok. We’ve got to wonder what the rest of @Grizzlymantis’ home looks like.

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Bone-Dry Bathroom

There’s so much going on here, where do we even start? A sonic screwdriver on the sink doesn’t seem completely out of place. Bathrooms do often need repairs after all. And the hammer makes sense too. But by far the strangest aspect of this photo is the bone in the sink.

Weird Twitter Bathroom FunnyWeird Twitter Bathroom Funny
Twitter via @keithkroner

Though these three things probably aren’t permanent fixtures of the bathroom, we still can’t figure out why they were all there at the same time. The poster, @Keithkroner, actually tagged the bathroom owner in question. We’re almost tempted to DM @NKomics and ask him ourselves.

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Homemade Aquarium

At first glance, this photo will send anyone with entomophobia running for the hills. Entomophobia is fear of insects, but if you look closer you’ll realize there are no insects in this photo - only two little crawfish. But why? Are they starting an aquarium, or preparing for a feast?

Weird Twitter Bathroom FunnyWeird Twitter Bathroom Funny
Twitter via @gabemgarcia

As user Baby Panda mentioned, “my brother would catch these and put them in our sink so he could look at them, then forget to put them back in the creek and whoever came into the bathroom next had an unpleasant surprise when they went to wash their hands.” Perhaps the bathroom owner was just a little curious?

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Halloween Surprise

There are all kinds of Halloween surprises, but we’re not sure how we feel about this one. Twitter user @Cristenparisi shared this one, with the caption “My bf and his roommate at college put this on the toilet at Halloween and never took it down.”

Weird Twitter Bathroom FunnyWeird Twitter Bathroom Funny
Twitter via @cristenparisi

Here you can see a printed picture of what looks like a roaring sasquatch, an ape-like cryptid said to roam the forests of North America. We’re sure it’s a funny joke, but how do you even use the toilet with that looking back at you!? Trevor Williams commented, “I have nothing to say,” and honestly? We get it.

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Always An Opportunity To Learn

We all love a bit of science, especially when it’s turned into fun and useful experiments. And who’s better at making science fun, than Bill Nye The Science Guy? We’re a fan of his work, but it looks like this bathroom dweller might be his biggest fan. After all, he has a framed photo of him on the bathroom sink.

Weird Twitter Bathroom FunnyWeird Twitter Bathroom Funny
Twitter via @AnnalsAwesome8

Maybe it serves as inspiration while he’s on the toilet, in the shower, or brushing his teeth in the morning? But what’s funniest about this is the caption - @AnnalsAwesome8 shared that this photo is from “the other bathroom,” implying that there’s something just as weird in the second bathroom! Needless to say, we’re intrigued.

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Winning The “Ribbon” For Creativity

@RachelYoHee may have described the subject of this photo as “Whatever this is,” but over the course of this list, we’ve seen more than enough impromptu toothbrush holders to be confused about this photo. We’ve seen an orange, a Mr. T figurine, and a pair of miniature leather boots already.

Weird Twitter Bathroom FunnyWeird Twitter Bathroom Funny
Instagram via @rachelyohee

So there’s nothing too shocking about a can of beer that’s been sliced in half and now holds the household toothbrushes. It seems like an innovative way to recycle your beer cans! Though we are a little bit concerned about the state of some of those toothbrushes…

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Post-It Notes

If you thought this list has been mostly fun and games so far, you might change your mind after this post. This ‘weird’ bathroom photo is so out there it doesn’t even need an image. Instead, Twitter user @Laurenstrange simply shared a caption that sums up her experience.

Weird Twitter Bathroom FunnyWeird Twitter Bathroom Funny
Zoltan Balogh via Shutterstock/ Twitter via @laurenstrange

“Post-it notes. No toilet paper.” If that isn’t enough to make you run and make sure you’re stocked up on toilet paper, we don’t know what is. Safe to say we sincerely hope @Laurenstrange wasn’t talking about her own boyfriend's bathroom! As user WaterHydraMC said, “Ewwwwwwww.” Hear hear.

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A National Treasure

It turns out Jeff Goldblum and Bill Nye The Science Guy isn’t the only celebrities with rather odd bathroom shrines made by their fans. Imagine @Morganburbank’s surprise when she walked into this bathroom only to be faced with the one and only Nicholas Cage.

Weird Twitter Bathroom FunnyWeird Twitter Bathroom Funny
Instagram via @morganburbank

Or at least a giant printed-out version of his face. While it’s hard to tell, that’s definitely the crumpled-up face of the National Treasure and Con Air star, printed on a shower curtain. While he’s had his fair share of controversy over the years, it’s nice to know that he still has fans.

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A Toothbrush For All Purposes

A nearby toilet roll is probably one of the most important things to have in a bathroom. So when your toilet paper holder breaks down, you need to find a way to repair it ASAP. Thankfully Twitter user @AtomicFox found some handy DIY inspo in this bathroom shown below.

Weird Twitter Bathroom FunnyWeird Twitter Bathroom Funny
Instagram via @atomicfox_

It appears that someone in the house broke the toilet paper holder, and an enlightened roommate found the nearest thing to fix it. What might that be? Why a toothbrush of course. It seems to be doing the trick, we just hope no one’s planning to reuse that toothbrush.

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An Empty Shell

Twitter user @Ainslie200 shared this photo with a short but succinct caption. “A turtle shell.” And that’s exactly what it looks like. The photo provided an empty turtle shell, balanced on top of what appears to be either the bathroom sink or the back of the toilet.

Odd Bathroom Funny Odd Bathroom Funny
Twitter via @ainslie200

One thing we have to ask - why is it in the bathroom, of all places? Perhaps it’s an ornamental piece, or maybe this is another unusual item being appropriated to hold bathroom objects, like the previous pair of miniature leather boots used as a toothbrush holder.

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Boys Will Be Boys

College is a wild time for many students, and the bathroom has always seemed like prime real estate for college-age shenanigans. And it appears that the bathroom in @Kadepumpkin’s tweet has lived up to the hype, with a rather expensive-looking prank involved.

Meme Funny Bathroom TwitterMeme Funny Bathroom Twitter
Twitter via @kadepumpkin

@Kadepumpkin writes “boy’s dorm sophomore year of college”, and the photo below says it all. In this pristine toilet cubicle, sits what appears to be a tv or large computer monitor, tipped upside down and left in the toilet. Looks like someone’s mom or dad might be paying for a new replacement. We wonder, what their made-up excuse will be?

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Secret Snack Time

We can’t help but wonder if the bathroom owner from @Rwhite_22’s tweet was trying to enjoy some sweet treats in secret, but made a fatal mistake - leaving behind the evidence. After all, why would you leave a half-eaten gallon of ice cream in the bathroom?

Viral Funny Twitter Thread Viral Funny Twitter Thread
imageBROKER via Shutterstock/ Twitter via @rwhite_22

There’s no picture with this tweet, but you don’t need a vivid imagination to get the idea. The caption simply reads “Half-eaten gallon of melted ice cream with a spoon still in it.” There could be many reasons to leave a dessert to melt in the bathroom, but we’re not sure we can forgive such a waste of delicious ice cream.

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“I Love It Though”

Twitter user @Wunderlibrarian may “love” the unusual bathroom photo she shared to this Twitter thread, but we’re not so sure how we feel about it. For one, we don’t even really know what it is! What we do know is that a lot is going on in this photo.

Weird Twitter Bathroom FunnyWeird Twitter Bathroom Funny
Instagram via @wunderlibraria

Looking closely, it seems to show a small marble statuette of a figure riding a tiger, and holding a golden orb in one hand. But what’s strangest about this photo is the eyeless doll’s head that has replaced the figurine's original head. As user JennyBee put it, this picture might be a one-way ticket to “nightmare time.”

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These Boots Are Made For…What?

We thought there were only so many unique toothbrush holders in the world, until this list that is. As if an orange and Mister T weren’t enough, we now bring you a pair of leather boots! Made in Mexico, with one boot per brush. It’s certainly an unusual souvenir!

Hilarious Stuff Guys BathroomsHilarious Stuff Guys Bathrooms
Twitter via @arlenebel

But these leather boots pose an important question - were they made to be toothbrush holders? Or did their owner have a particularly bright idea one day while flossing? Maybe they were originally made for super small feet? Whatever the answer, we kinda dig these bathroom kicks.

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In The Studio

Sometimes it’s nice to put on some tunes while you soak in the bathtub. It puts a whole new meaning to the classic “spa day.” Although we’re not sure that this is what we had in mind! You know what they say about artists though. We guess this gets the creative juices flowing.

Hilarious Stuff Guys BathroomsHilarious Stuff Guys Bathrooms
Twitter via @kashedkuramel

The caption reads, “Just in case you wanted to play drums from the tub.” And as Susan Green's comment reads, “Who wouldn’t?” If we were drummers we might be tempted to do some bathroom multi-tasking too. Though we’re not sure how we’d get to the toilet later on.

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