TV Reporter Hilariously Interrupted by His Mom


| LAST UPDATE 02/27/2022

By Riley Hammond
funny viral reporter mom
Instagram via @mylestharris

Parents have been famous for embarrassing their children for as long as we can remember. But we imagine it's a completely new level of awkwardness when someone's mom drops by their work just to say hi. A TV reporter was recently put in this exact situation when his mother drove by as he was recording a news segment, leaving him flustered - and us internet in stitches! Here's what went down.

Our story begins when Myles Harris, a news reporter for the local news station ABC 6, was in the middle of recording a segment in the street in Columbus, Ohio. In the middle of his newscast, his mother, 62-year-old Sandi, decided to pay her beloved son an impromptu visit right then and there. Pulling up to the scene in her car behind her son, she waved and him and the filming crew excitedly. And although 30-year-old Myles didn't appear to be too thrilled about his mother's timing of his mother's visit, his cameraman, DeAngelo Byrd, clearly had a different opinion. Finding the situation quite hilarious, he continued filming the entire interaction between Myles and his mother, much to the audience's delight.

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Apparently, Myles was able to laugh at the situation later, uploading the video of the hilarious incident to his Instagram account. From there, the video went viral, leaving social media users very entertained. In the funny clip, Myles can be seen looking quite flustered as he spots his own mother slowly approaching in her car and interrupting his work - unconcerned about the cameras rolling or her son's irritation over the situation. Turning to the camera man with an exasperated look on his face, he says, "It's my mom, hold on," after which Sandi appears in the shot, yelling, "Hi, baby!" Behind the camera, DeAngelo is heard laughing hysterically.

funny viral broadcast mom
Instagram via @mylestharris

"I'm trying to work right now and you're over here calling my phone," said a frustrated Myles to his rather enthusiastic mother. Pointing to the camera man, he adds, "This is DeAngelo, you can say hi, and don't be holding up traffic, 'cause you got cars behind you." Before rolling off, Sandi cheerfully shouted, "Hi, DeAngelo!" to which the camera man responded with a laugh. The TV reporter's mother has since become an internet superstar, and with good reason. "Mom's always gon be ya biggest cheerleader," one Instagram comment read, while another joked, "Mom's gonna mom." They're definitely not wrong!

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