Travel Influencer's Hilarious Fails Win the Internet


| LAST UPDATE 07/26/2023

By Riley Hammond
travel influencer funny viral
@postcardsfromayana via TikTok

Ever fantasized about getting paid to gallivant around the globe, snoozing in swanky hotels, and soaking up the sun at breathtaking spots? Sounds like a dream gig, right? Well, one influencer is here to slap some reality onto those perfectly posed photos that make you green with envy.

Meet Ayana, the self-proclaimed travel content creator and official queen of klutz, who's lighting up TikTok with her blooper reel that’s racked up over 10.7 million views since its debut in July. She captioned the video: "POV: You're a travel content creator but most of your videos look like this because you're actually the clumsiest person alive." And boy, does she live up to that title! The video showcases the hilarious calamities of her travels - from slipping in pools, failing miserably at hopping onto a floating sun lounger, to nearly donating all her belongings to the sea gods. There's even a cringe-worthy rope-swing flop and a tumble off a ladder into the ocean. One user on TikTok chimed in, "So real I love this because this is what ACTUALLY happens."

Ayana travel influencer funny
@postcardsfromayana via TikTok
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Navigating social media is like tiptoeing through a minefield of filters, artificial intelligence, staged snaps and poses - all designed to give us major FOMO and make us feel like underachievers for not having a 24-inch waist while permanently sipping cocktails on a beach. That's why Ayana's candid content is a breath of fresh air in the world of travel influencing. Travel blogging bigwig Matt Kepnes, creator of Nomadic Matt, doesn't mince words when it comes to the difference between travel influencers and bloggers: "I definitely think influencers are creating a fake perception of travel (and life!)." He laments the loss of authenticity and character in the mad rush to sell, sell, sell.

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But TikTok users are loving Ayana's unfiltered approach, with comments like, "I've never felt so seen. Clumsy girls stick together, instantly followed!" and "No, I've actually met my people! I feel so silly for always getting new scars at my grown age." Another wrote, "That would be me," proving that the relatable content is a hit. Cheers to this hilarious, down-to-earth travel queen!

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