Toddler Hilariously Trolls Mom for Sighing a Lot


| LAST UPDATE 03/17/2022

By Riley Hammond
funny viral toddler tiktok
Instagram via @madnatorr

As the parent of any toddler probably knows, these youngsters can be very observant at times. So was the case with the adorable Madison, who became an instant TikTok star when her mom posted a hilarious video that went viral on the platform.

In the clip, Madison does a pretty funny imitation of her mother, Stefanie, making sure to remind us all just how tiring parenting can be. More than 4.8 million TikTok users have watched little Madison imitate the frustrated sound her mother makes every time she bends over to pick something up. And whoever's lived around toddlers long enough knows that picking things up off the floor happens often. The text over the hilarious video reads, "My daughter copying how I sound when I pick things up." And from what we can tell, that sound is one of pure exhaustion.

@spritch29 Apparently I grunt too much 😂 #fyp #funnybaby #babiesoftiktok #toddlersoftiktok #CloseYourRings #toddlersbelike #funny #makingfunofme #mom ♬ original sound - Stefanie
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As Madison bends down to pick up a toy off the floor, she adorably makes an "argh" sound, imitating her seemingly tired mother. Since we're sure the activity doesn't make her feel as tired as her mom, the sound of pure fatigue tells us this little one has mastered the art of imitation. She then slowly takes another few steps across the kitchen and bends down to pick up another one of the toys scattered across the floor. And as she does so, she lets out yet another exasperated sound that she's picked up from watching her mother around the house. The video, which has gained more than half a million likes, is paired with a hilarious caption that reads, "Apparently, I grunt too much." LOL.

funny viral tiktok toddlers
amandineparkerandcie via Getty Images

Fellow users found the video hilariously adorable and flooded the comments section with funny remarks about the toddler's expert imitation. One user wrote, "I like that there's more of a struggle on the second grunt... LMAO." Another commented, "sounded like she said I need coffee at the end there lol." One of the amusing comments included one by Stefanie herself, who wrote, "I love how she even pics it up slow like I do," adding a laughing emoji before continuing, "acting is on point." After seeing this hilarious video (more than once, we'll admit), we couldn't agree more!

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