Toddler's Hilarious 'Road Rage' Goes Viral


| LAST UPDATE 06/28/2022

By Riley Hammond
hilarious viral toddler TikTok
Ekaterina Goncharova via Getty Images

Kids just say the darndest things, don't they? One toddler recently went viral on social media for not shying away from yelling at a person jogging down the street to "slow down!" Here's what you missed.

The footage was apparently captured by the security camera at the front porch of the family's house and was posted by @casa_marlena on TikTok. All appears to be well in the first few seconds of the clip, as the child heads out into the winter with his father, who looks like he's carrying hockey equipment. But just as the kid takes a couple of steps down the porch, he spots someone who - it appears - he thinks is jogging way too fast down that street. And the toddler didn't hold back from the jogger just what he thought of the speed she was moving at.

funny TikTok viral toddler
JohnAlexandr via Getty Images
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He held out his hand in disbelief for a few moments, apparently shocked by what he was witnessing. Then, from his front door across the street, he let out a loud "SLOW DOWN!" From what the footage shows, however, the jogger had little regard for the kid's demands. When he realized his warning had no effect on the jogger whatsoever, he hurried down the lawn in front of his house, hollering "Jesus!" at the top of his lungs. LOL - as one TikTok user hilariously remarked, "I've never seen road rage in a toddler before." In all honesty, neither have we. But we're glad we finally did because we can't stop cracking up over it. By the looks of it, neither could his father. In the video, the amused dad appears to bend over, laughing and telling his son, "You tell 'em, goose." 

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The hilarious clip, which has reached more than 1.2 million views on the platform, left viewers in stitches. One user joked, "The way that baby said 'Jesus,' somebody's Southern granny was reincarnated," chimed in one TikToker. LOL. Another viewer hilariously added, "According to the little guy, [the jogger] exceeded the speed limit." If this kid ever considers becoming a cop when he grows up, we don't think it'll take him too long to master the job. Be sure to stay tuned for more hilarious content!

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