Toddler Takes Mom's Phone, Orders 31 Burgers


| LAST UPDATE 05/22/2022

By Riley Hammond
viral toddler doordash burgers
Facebook via Kelsey Burkhalter Golden

We've heard endless stories over the years of young children using phones to dial numbers by mistake. Before we were introduced to smartphones, the worst that could happen was a toddler accidentally calling 911 or answering a call their parents were planning to ignore. But now, with access to smartphone apps, these stories have become even more wild - and hilarious!

One such incident like this happened recently that made Kelsey Burkhalter Golden realize she probably shouldn't have left her unlocked phone unsupervised around her two-year-old son. She was later shocked to find out that young Barrett had accidentally used her phone to order $61.58 worth of McDonald's burgers on DoorDash! As if the order wasn't pricey enough, the poor mom was also charged $16 extra for tip and app fees, bringing the total amount due to $91.70. Yikes!

toddler viral DoorDash mishap
NurPhoto / Contributor via Getty
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Kelsey told TODAY Food that she thought her son was just taking photos of himself. "I thought he was just looking at his reflection and carrying the phone around, and about 30 minutes later, I got a text from the DoorDash company that was like, hey, it's gonna take a little bit longer than usual to take your order," she said, adding that she was later surprised to hear an unexpected knock on her door. "I go and open the door, and there's this girl standing there, and she's like, 'Your 31 cheeseburgers?'" LOL. The mother continued, "And she was like, 'Thank you for the tip!' Oh, boy. So I went in, and I checked my phone. And sure enough, the order was placed at the exact time that he was playing with the phone." So Kelsey decided to do the only thing a parent can do in such a situation - she shared the amusing story with her social media friends!

Young Barrett's mom posted about the hilarious incident on Facebook, sharing an adorable picture of her not-so-guilty-looking son with his 31 McDonald's hamburgers. She captioned the hilarious photo, "I have 31 free cheeseburgers from McDonald's if anyone is interested. Apparently, my 2 yr old knows how to order doordash." LOL. To make matters even worse (or funnier!), Kelsey also added that her son "actually doesn't even like cheeseburgers," sharing that he only ate half a burger, leaving his confused mother quite unsure what to do with the 30 others. We hope a few neighbors saw her post and stopped by to grab a bite!

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