Toddler's Adorable Manicure Mishap Goes Viral


| LAST UPDATE 01/05/2023

By Tabitha Woodcock
funny viral manicure iktok
Instagram via @mariahthesupplier

Toddlers say the darndest things! When it comes to the little ones, we truly never know what they'll do or say. They're smarter than we think, and they never let us know their next move. That being said, it's always good to capture whatever we can to see if we're gifted with any comedic surprises. Let's check out how this toddler on TikTok went viral for her spunky personality.

TikTok user, @Addytok2022, is the newest star on social media! Just at the age of 3, Adaline Catron is already stealing the hearts of fellow users worldwide. Not to mention, she has an act for making us laugh until we're in stitches! There's something about children which we find highly amusing. With their minds like sponges, they can absorb the weirdest information. That includes hearing and mimicking certain voices, some of which are their own parents, a friend, and even a celebrity seen on TV. We honestly don't know where or when certain information becomes absorbed, but it's what makes a certain element of life so entertaining. They haven't exactly developed a filter either, so anything they think of comes right out of their mouths without a worry in the world. It comes from a good place, though. For Addy, she clearly had been in the presence of Leslie Jordan before his passing, and her impression is inspiring and impressive.

Viral TikTok Leslie Jordan
Paul Morigi via Getty Images
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Although she has only uploaded five TikTok videos so far in her social media baby influencer journey, one specific video has caught major attention. The video has now accumulated 8.1 million views, 1.3 million likes, and 16.1k comments. So, what is this video that has users going crazy? Well, Addy is seen giving her mom somewhat of a manicure, with her mom being behind the camera, capturing the glamor. As Addy is seen painting a florescent, fuchsia pink polish on her mom's fingernails, her reaction mimics the near-exact voice of Leslie Jordan. When her mom Kayla points out, "Oops, you got it on my finger," Addy responds in a sweet southern accent, "I'm trying my best, honeeeeey!" Not to mention, as her little knees bend down, her attitude and personality are spot on! One user even commented before it was established, "She reminds me of the actor Leslie Jordan. Sounds exactly how he would have said that."

@addytok2022 She tried her best honey 😂 #fyp #fypage #trending ♬ original sound - AddyTok

This video is on repeat, as we can't believe the accuracy of her impression. We can only wonder which Leslie Jordan clip she heard in the past made her revisit this iconic line. As well, her cute smile and big glasses are a shoo-in for TikTok fame. We want to see more Addy content! Stay tuned for more comedic gems!

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