Watch this Toddler Hilariously Try to Pronounce Big Words

Scarlett Adler

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Instagram via @lobeeston

Remember what your first words were? Perhaps you do, perhaps you don't (don't worry, we won't judge). But one adorable toddler has just taken learning those ABCs to our Instagram feeds. And the result was exactly as adorable as it sounds.

Lo Beeston, Ozzy, Instagram
Instagram via @lobeeston

It all started when blogger, Tan Beeston grabbed the camera as he began to teach his daughter, Ozzy, some new words. Sounds relatively simple, right? Only the events that transpired were anything but. And we've got a feeling you'll want to see 'em for yourself. Keep scrolling...

“Word #1, ready?” Tan asked, as his eager toddler proudly nodded her head. Let’s just say she wasn’t exactly as prepared as she thought. But that’s exactly what we loved about the entire exchange. “Guaco Money,” the smiling little girl blurted, as her father asked her to recite “Guacamole.” A+ for effort, right?

Tan Beeston, Ozzy, Instagram
Instagram via @lobeeston

But that's not all our mischievous toddler had to say for herself. From "Pawnus" (hippopotamus, of course) to Teeya (yep, quesadilla), Ozzy smiled along as she added new words to her vocabulary. Well, attempted to. But while she may not pass English class just yet, she certainly gets a gold star in our eyes.

Lo Beeston, Ozzy, Blog
Instagram via @lobeeston

And it appears we're not the only ones who feel that way. From trips to the beach to snow angels in the backyard, Ozzy and her family's documented adventures have won over hearts worldwide. And they've got over 300 thousand followers to show for it. But the fun doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon. In fact, it's just getting started.

Lo Beeston, Ozzy, Family
Instagram via @lobeeston

"Ozzy’s getting a sibling in July!" Tan's emotional wife, Lo, revealed on Instagram of their growing family. "I’m so excited to see her be a big sis. She’s absolutely obsessed with babies, so I know she will do amazing." Safe to say, the adventures are far from over. And you can bet we'll be following every step - and spelling bee - along the way.

Until then, we can't wait for the next video featuring this adorable girl!