We're Laughing & Crying at TikTok's #DatingWrapped Trend


| LAST UPDATE 12/08/2022

By Lily Tipton
Dating Wrapped TikTok Trend
@itbalexandria via Instagram

It's that time of year again. Our social media feeds are filled with all sorts of yearly data - a way to visually represent what we accomplished in the past twelve months. Of course, the music streaming giant Spotify has taken a front position on this trend, as #spotifywrapped provides us with an Instagrammable slideshow of our listening patterns. This year, the internet is buzzing over a new data review trend titled #datingwrapped. Currently, the hashtag has over 3.4 million views as people are flooding their socials with their dating figures, depicted beautifully in their homemade slideshows. 

Alexandria McLean pioneered this movement, as her now-viral TikTok video (see below) hilariously broke down her annual dating record in bite-size details. "I thought it would be really fun to make a dating wrapped this year where I recount my dating life," the 27-year-old her followers. "Please enjoy this. Truly one of the most depressing things I've ever done." She then proceeded to go through the graphs and numbers on the slides. "I went on 21 first dates — yikes. I met 66% on Bumble and 33% on Hinge - 0 in real life." The presentation continued with a breakdown of the date locations, date lengths, relationship lengths, how many she cried over, and how many she ended. She finished off with her current relationship status. "If you wanna go out and be a part of my 2023 dating wrapped, let's do it!" she concluded the video.

Alexandria McLean Dating Wrapped viral
@itbalexandria via TikTok
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Talking to BuzzFeed News, McLean explained how it all began. "I've always kept track and kept notes of my dating life," she explained. "I already recap my dates at work and with my friends, so I thought, Why not just do a full recap and share it with the world? The current dating landscape is that you do go on so many dates. It's so easy to swipe right on someone, match, go on a date. Saying that I went on 21 dates, it seems like a crazy number, but it actually isn't."

@alexandriathemediocre It’s brutal out here ✨ #spotifywrapped ##dating##datingintoronto##bumble##hinge ♬ original sound - Alexandria

Since Alexandria, many TikTokers have jumped in on the trend, creating their own #datingwrapped presentations. Some have even included some new metrics, such as the astrological signs, money spent, and the number of fake 'emergency calls' made. So, are you brave enough to publicize your #dating wrapped? It's certainly one way to put a lighthearted spin on things!

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