TikToker Goes Viral for Hilarious Reaction Videos to Absurd Tutorials


| LAST UPDATE 05/05/2021

By Kayla Black
Khabane Lame viral TikTok
Instagram via @khabby00

We have no idea why, but somehow we've all seen the hilariously impractical tutorial videos on our fyp pages. Lucky for us, one TikTok user took these random 'hacks' and turned them into comedy gold with his hilarious edits. Whether it's untangling shoelaces or slicing a lime, social media's Khabane Lame is here to remind us that it's really not that complicated...

khaby00 viral DIY tiktok
Instagram via @khaby00

The tutorials that fueled Khabane Lame's content came from all corners of the internet. The videos, usually without audio, featured 'hacks' that took simple every day actions and made them unnecessarily complicated. Like us, clearly Lame saw the ridiculousness in the videos and decided to do something about it. And we are forever grateful for that. The Italy native started posting content back in 2020 but has since gone viral thanks to his ironic reaction clips. The TikToker has gained major fame and over 35 million followers, making him one of Italy's most prominent social media stars. The success was no surprise as comedy lovers ate up Khabane's videos poking fun at one of TikTok's most bizarre trends.


Khabynho du Brazil 🇧🇷🤣Ritenta bro sarai più fortunato- Try again bro you be luckier next time.😜 ##learnfromkhaby

♬ suono originale - Khabane lame

Evidently Khabane Lame thought like the rest of us and decided to call attention to the world of nonsensical DIYs and hacks. But what makes his content so hilarious? Fans would agree, it's Lame's facial expressions that really sealed the deal for his fame. His videos rarely featured any speaking, which made them accessible and relatable to users around the globe. But even without any dialogue, his deadpan stare and bewildered headshake at the end told us all we needed to know: These hacks are about as pointless as they come.

Viral TikTok DIY Reactions
Instagram via @khaby00

Lame has provided us with his reactionary takes on hacks for ripping toilet paper, using soap and grabbing a slice of pizza: Seemingly simple tasks, and yet somehow the original videos made them unnecessarily complicated... But where we saw a nonsensical tutorial, this TikTok user saw an opportunity for comedy and ran with it.

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♬ suono originale - Khabane lame

In 60 seconds or less, our favorite TikToker debunked the latest hacks and served serious laughs along the way. And with over 850 videos and climbing, looks like Lame has plans of sticking around. Check back with us to see just what's in store for this comedic genius.