TikToker Gives Reality of NYC Living a Funny Twist


| LAST UPDATE 01/05/2022

By Molly Houghton
Axel Webber viral TikTok
YouTube via Axel Webber

New York City, a place so magical it's inspired endless songs, movies, and phrases. You know what we're talking about - sayings like, "A bad day in New York City is still better than a good day anywhere else." But underneath all of the bright lights, stylish people, delicious food, and a beautiful melting pot of cultures is a sinister reality: NYC is really expensive. So this viral TikToker is giving the miseries of city-living a hilarious twist.

Smallest apartment NYC TikTok
YouTube via Axel Webber

Meet Axel Webber, the 22-year-old taking the internet by storm with his humorous take on navigating life in the Big Apple. The young man's videos have gone viral thanks to his positive attitude, even as Axel shows off what he's dubbed the "smallest apartment in New York." "Wherever your expectations are, lower them," Webber warns viewers before stepping inside his 100-square-foot apartment.

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And while there's hardly anything funny about someone paying over $1,000 for a tiny apartment without a private bathroom, Axel somehow makes viewers giggle along as he pokes fun at his lifestyle. "Pantry's absolutely stocked," he hilariously says while pointing the camera at his one shelf filled with three boxes of macaroni, popcorn, potato chips, and peanut butter. Webber's home tour has so far gotten nearly 32 million views, making him an internet sensation with over 1.5 million followers on TikTok.

Axel also takes fans outside of the apartment on city adventures, like when he has to go out to do laundry. "Now I just go explore," Webber explains after putting his clothes in the machine. "Cause I'm 95% sure no one wants my mismatched socks," he hilariously adds. The social media star is new to the city and moved from Georgia to pursue an acting career.

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"I dream of a stove. That's what I dream of. A nice four-burner. A gas range. Maybe my own pot to cook pasta in," Axel told ABC 7 of his future real-estate aspirations. "You know what I'm cooking pasta in right now? A pan. That's a pan on a single burner stove."

You can follow all of Axel's NYC adventures and his humorous approach to life on TikTok.