TikToker’s “Funny” Living Room Makes It to London Gallery


| LAST UPDATE 03/04/2023

By Riley Hammond
viral art exhibit london
Instagram via @zuzanakellerart

Have you ever walked into an art gallery and seen a painting of your living room? Well, neither have we, but TikToker Josh (@ps4homescreenmusic1) sure has! He stumbled upon an oil painting of his sparsely furnished living room hanging in a London art gallery, and boy was he baffled.

In a video posted on TikTok, Josh shows the Instagram post from Unit London gallery featuring a woman admiring the painting. He then proceeds to show the original photo of his living room with a BTS poster on the wall behind his TV. "For some reason, they have an oil painting of my living room, but like, this doesn't look real. This can't be real," laughed Josh in complete disbelief. The video has since gone viral with over 700,000 views and more than a thousand comments. People are intrigued by this bizarre situation and are trying to wrap their heads around how it all came about. One commenter confirmed that it is indeed real and part of an exhibit by artist Mauro Martinez at Unit London called "RateMySetup." The exhibit explores the lengths people go to stay online, inspired by the online subreddit thread RateMySetup where users post images of their gaming systems.

TikTok Funny Viral Painting
@ps4homescreenmusic1 via TikTok
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But how did Martinez get a photo of Josh's "funny *ss" living room? Well, apparently, he had posted it on Twitter two years ago, and it went viral. "This picture was the Mona Lisa of Twitter for some period of time," one person said in the comments. While some viewers found the situation amusing or intriguing, others were concerned about compensation for Josh. "If the artist makes money off that I feel like they at least owe you a couch," one commenter suggested. Another viewer even joked that they should've included the BTS poster as it adds sizzle to it.

@ps4homescreenmusic1 #greenscreen ♬ original sound - cool guy 420

We hope he gets some recognition for his unique living room being featured in the art exhibit! Who knows? Maybe this will inspire other artists to create paintings based on random tweets or social media posts. Either way, it's definitely one for the books! Stay tuned for more lighthearted fun.

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