TikToker's Hilarious Paint Fail Goes Viral


| LAST UPDATE 07/07/2022

By Riley Hammond
DIY painting fail viral
Instagram via @kaycroley

Painting the walls of your house is almost always guaranteed to be a long, arduous task. You find yourself feeling exhausted by the time it's finished, and are probably determined to never go through it again. But what if, just when you finish applying the last stroke of paint, you realize there was one fundamental step you messed up before you even picked up the brush? Unfortunately for one TikTok user, the scenario was all too real...

Jillian Smart's rookie mistake went viral on social media after she posted a TikTok that showed the process of painting her living room wall from start to finish. It also showed us that she'd overlooked a very important step before beginning to paint the walls of her home. The hilarious clip opens with Jillian prepping her living room for the paint job. Everybody knows the importance of painter's tape when it comes to protecting your ceiling trims from unwanted streaks and specks of paint. In Jillian's defense, she did remember to add painter's tape - just not on the actual ceiling trims. Instead, she placed them below the trims, covering a few areas of the wall off the edges of every ceiling trim and door frame in the room.

painter's tape TikTok fail
Catherine Falls Commercial via Getty Images
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The video then proceeds to show Jillian picking up her roller and getting to work, coating her walls with off-white paint. She even threw in a few brief shots of herself taking breaks to grab a drink and dance in the process. But it was only when the job was finished, hours later, that Jillian realized she'd made the big mistake. "Imagine spending an hour making this video and not realizing. God, I thought I looked so cool," read the on-screen text over her video. She later added, "president of idiot-ville," and said, "there's no way... the entire room." LOL. Wanting to feel a little better about herself, she then asked viewers to "leave a compliment in the comments," saying she "needs it." Sure enough, hundreds of TikTok users came to her emotional rescue. 

@jilliansmart this is so embarrassing i cant watch #deisgn #interiordesign #homemakeover #roommakeover #roomtour #painting #embarrassing #embarrassingmoments #homedecor ♬ Vegas (From the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack ELVIS) - Doja Cat

"But did you get any paint on the trim? So you achieved your goal. Just not how you wanted," one person commented, while another wrote, "In three months, this will be the new accent wall trend. You are just early." Knowing how TikTok works these days, they're probably not wrong. Be sure to stay tuned for more hilarious content!

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