TikToker Pulls Hilarious Birthday Prank on Brother


| LAST UPDATE 06/23/2022

By Riley Hammond
viral birthday cake fail
Instagram via @willowandpearlbeauty

There's something about sibling pranks that hits different - a statement that seems to be true not only for those being pranked, but also for whoever's doing the pranking. One TikTok user named Alexa recently shared such a situation in a video that went viral on the platform - and it's as hilarious as it is wholesome.

The video - which has gained more than 3 million likes - featured a WhatsApp screenshot that documented the adorable exchange between the birthday boy and his older sister. It begins with Alexa pretending to be at a bakery and asking her little brother which cake he'd like her to get him. She sends him a picture of a few cakes that all look quite ugly and tells him the ingredients used to bake the cakes include bugs. "[The baker] said it has chocolate, vanilla, and cockroach," Alexa teases about the Minions-themed cake, speaking as though she's at the bakery talking to the baker directly. "What do you mean, cockroach?!" Alexa's now-horrified brother asked. "Cockroach is an animal, not a flavor!" LOL.

TikTok birthday cake prank
Mizina via Getty Images
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"Does she put cockroaches in every cake?" Alexa's brother asked about the baker. "Sister, answer me!" Poor kid - the prank was going exactly as Alexa had planned, and now all we want to do (besides laugh) is give him a big hug. And as if his reaction to the whole cockroach ingredient situation wasn't adorable enough, he apparently also felt guilty about being too disgusted to buy any of the baker's "bug cakes." He innocently told his sister, "But to be nice, can you give her a little tip, please?" the brother says. "It's because I feel bad because I'm not gonna buy any of her cakes. But give her like, maybe, $5." Awww.

@__alexxaaa my baby brother is tooo nice , he was stressed 😭 #fyp ♬ original sound - Alexa.

Needless to say, TikTok users filled the comments section of the viral clip with comments expressing how much they adored Alexa's little brother. "SUCH A SWEETHEART OMLLLL," one user commented, while another wrote, "Him telling u to give her a tip is so cute." We couldn't agree more! We hope this young birthday boy ended up having the birthday cake and celebration he deserved.

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