TikTok User's Mom Goes Viral After Making a Sudden Appearance in Daughter's Video

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Facebook via Lizzie San Millan

Now that's how you make an entrance! A TikTok user's video went insanely viral after her mama bear suddenly crashed through the ceiling. But rest assured, we can laugh about it now, as no moms were harmed during the making of this TikTok. So, what went down - literally?

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Liz San Millan is an 18-year-old college student, who, like most TikTok users, has been waiting for her big break on the very fickle app. If you're an experienced vlogger, then you already know that there's no real formula to making a TikTok video go viral; But a person randomly falling through the ceiling ought to do the trick.

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Good Morning America via Liz San Millan

Liz, who goes by @lizzyjane_ on TikTok, was rehearsing a song for an audition at the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts, where she would soon be attending school; That was, until her mother made a rather unexpected appearance, which caused her video to land on 2+ million users' 'for you' page.


live footage of my mom telling me to break a leg ##FreezeFramePhoto ##GardenProject ##shesokay ##breakaleg ##ceiling ##musical ##fyp

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"There was a loud noise ... I turn around and all of a sudden, my mom's leg is through the ceiling," Liz recalled. "My dad said, 'Did you just fall through the ceiling?' and [my mom] said, 'You're not going to ask if I'm OK?' She was a little sassy about it, actually."

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After the shock wore off, and Liz confirmed that her mother Kim was okay, the Millans finally had a moment to digest what had just happened. "We laughed for like 30 minutes straight," Liz said.


Reply to @herphilly ceo of “just happened” ##Stitch ##ImAMusician ##spooktember ##quarantine ##mom

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Lucky for us, Kim was also a real sport about the video: "She was not against posting it, and thought it was hilarious." Once Liz released the hilarious clip, the rest of TikTok joined in on the laughter, and of course, it wasn't long until the video reached over 8 million views and over 100k shares.


Reply to @jajankenn super cute isn’t it

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Since Kim is okay and Liz is now a TikTok star, the only person we feel bad for is Mr. Millan, who has his work cut out for him now that the ceiling needs to be fixed.