TikTok Trend Sees Moms Turning Into Their Daughters!


| LAST UPDATE 01/10/2023

By Arianna Morgan
Turning My Mom Into Me TikTok
Instagram via @lippertsfriseure

A recent TikTok trend is taking the phrase "like mother, like daughter" to new levels. Users are loving the #turningmymomintome challenge on the platform, and we're loving watching them! So what exactly is this latest trend to hit TikTok? Let's take a closer look and find out.

TikTok users participating in the "turning my mom into me" trend are giving their mommas a pep in their step and giving their moms a total wardrobe update. Paired with a sped-up version of rapper Skee-Lo's song I Wish, the trend shows moms swapping out their "classic mom look" outfits for their children's signature looks. The quick video first shows a mom dressed in her day-to-day look, and then a second later, coming back out catwalking in the living room wearing their children's sparkly crop tops, cowboy boots, leather jackets, and more!

TikTok Viral Mom Trend
TikTok via @letiziacanclini
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The hilariously adorable trend has inspired mothers to dress how they want at any age! Some mothers who joined in on the viral sensation spoke to NBC News, sharing how the outfit swap really gave them a boost of confidence! "I would say this has been a good reminder to me that, you know, fashion is a reflection of your personality," said 41-year-old mother Heather Brown, who participated in the trend."I think it was empowering to be able to wear something that I felt really confident in," Brown reflected. The 41-year-old mom explained her 21-year-old daughters' style as "very Y2K, the '90s," so when it came down to the outfit swap, they landed on baggy jeans, a thrifted cut T-shirt, and chunky sneakers while rocking headphones around her neck.


turning my mom into me.. go mom gooo👏👏👏😩😭❤️‍🔥

♬ original sound - evie
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We're loving seeing how this trend is bringing moms and their children closer together for an afternoon of laughs. For 20-year-old Bella Ramirez, the "turning my mom into me" trend gave her a chance to dress her mom in a crop top, black jacket, low-rise jeans, and small purse, stating this was one of her "favorite trends on TikTok" that she's done. TikTok users are even bringing grandparents, siblings, and dads into the picture, giving them a total makeover as well - and we are simply loving it.

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