TikTok’s Latest Trend Pays Tribute to Dad – & It’s Hilarious


| LAST UPDATE 02/08/2023

By Riley Hammond
Dad Joke TIkTok Trend
Chaay_Tee via Getty Images

Move over, TikTok trends – there's a new dad-joke taking the internet by storm! The 'sometimes all you need is your dad' challenge has taken social media users on an emotional rollercoaster of laugh out loud moments and teary eyes. Do it with your brother or best friend for extra entertainment vibes - but don't forget to take some tissues just in case!

The hilarious trend is an incredibly amusing and all-too relatable way for users to show what their dads are like in their communication - and after seeing so many of these videos, we've concluded all dads have something in common. To hop on the trend, all you need is super brief phrases from Dad, some funny sound effects, and voila! You're now part of this hilarious phenomenon that has social media going wild. One funny video with nearly 2 million views showed a dad replying with a mere "thumbs-up" emoji to his daughter's text - a classic dad response!

TikTok dad viral trend
@mkk_frosty via TikTok
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If you're familiar with the trend, you've probably already seen the hilarious video that shows a dad writing something short, like "ok" but without any punctuation or emojis. But don't worry – even though there's usually no emotion to go along with their messages, lots of people also post really cute things their dads have said… so we know they care!

@marina10101 A man of many words. I kid you not, those phone calls is us talking….. #fyp #dad #sometimesallyouneedisyourdad #trend #iwin ♬ here with me - Ajat

It all started with a simple tweet, starting the hilarious trend of posing in goofy photos alongside dad jokes. But what began as something done by dads has now gone viral - and people are doing the trend with other friends and family members as well! In one relatable ‘sometimes all you need is a best friend’ video, one friend appears to text another, saying "go follow this girl on Instagram and show me her pics." LOL. When it comes to playing detective, it's nice to know your BFF is always a phone call away! No need for Sherlock Holmes when you have the greatest sidekick ever by your side. We can't wait to see where TikTok takes this latest trend - stay tuned!

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