What Is TikTok’s Hilarious Tortilla Slap Challenge?


| LAST UPDATE 06/16/2022

By Riley Hammond
TikTok tortilla challenge viral
Mariah Tauger / Contributor via Getty Images

Thanks to a recent challenge that's taken over TikTok, grocery stores might be running out of tortillas much sooner than usual. So what exactly is the "Tortilla Slap Challenge" that has social media users spitting out their drinks with laughter (literally)?

The rules are simple: after two or more players finish filling their faces with water, they decide which of them gets to hold the tortilla first. They stand in a circle, and the game begins with the player holding the tortilla, slapping their opponents with it. The smacks can be soft or hard (as long as no one gets hurt!), and no one is allowed to laugh. As they stand in a circle with bulging cheeks, these players try their best to keep the water contained in their mouths - but apparently, it's not as easy as it looks. Thanks to the new challenge, we're now seeing hilarious videos of people spraying their friends with water go viral on the internet. 

Tortilla Slap challenge viral
Instagram via @prcym
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Since whoever spits out the liquid in their mouth first loses, the players do their best not to find the situation too amusing. But luckily for those of us watching these TikToks, we're allowed to laugh as much as we want - and believe us when we say we are. One video, posted by a user named Patti Mac, has gained over 62.7 million views. In the hilarious clip, she makes intense eye contact with the player in front of her while she whacks another person standing beside her with a mouth full of water. Viewers didn't have to wait long before witnessing the three players empty the contents of their mouths in a hilarious explosion of laughter. "Who else has watched this 100 times???" one user commented, while another added, "OMG I haven't laughed this hard in a long time." Neither have we, TBH. 

@pattysbrain101 #tortilla #tortillatrend #challenge #friendships #bestbuds #hilarious #tiktokcanada ♬ original sound - Patti Mac

Even celebrities have joined the fun - singer Demi Lovato, and talk show host Jimmy Fallon gave the challenge a shot themselves. In a hilarious TikTok, posted to the Tonight Show account, over 5.3 million viewers watched as Demi slapped Fallon to the ground with the circular bread. Although the video ended before we could determine who lost, we can tell they were both on the verge of spitting out their drinks. LMAO. The next time you and your friends get together, give the Tortilla Slap challenge a try - and be sure to post it on TikTok to keep the fun going!

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