TikTok Exposes Men's Hilarious Obsession With Roman Empire


| LAST UPDATE 09/18/2023

By Riley Hammond
Roman Empire TikTok trend
Salajean via Getty Images

Does anyone even remember the last time they thought about the Roman Empire? Apparently, men do all the time. At least, according to a hilarious trend that's going viral on TikTok...

It all started when an Instagram reel video, posted by Swedish Instagram user and Roman reenactor Arthur Hulu on August 19, revealed, "Ladies, many of you do not realize how often men think about the Roman Empire." Since then, thousands of TikTok users have been asking their boyfriends, husbands, and fathers just how preoccupied men actually are with the ancient civilization. And what makes the trend even more hilarious is that celebrities are joining in on the fun as well. For example, former Bachelorette star Hannah Brown asked her fiancé, Adam Woolard, to respond to the viral trend. And that's when he confessed, "pretty consistently." LOL. He revealed that the Roman empire is "constantly on his mind" because it of its connection to both modern politics and martial arts. "Men, to our core, I think are warriors," he told his fiancée in the TikTok video. "You have to be ready for battle at all times, and the Roman Empire is all about battle. Common sense!" Indeed, it is common sense.

Adam Woolard funny viral
@hannahkbrown via TikTok
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Today’s Caron Daly even admitted he thinks about the Roman Empire "every day," explaining that a lot of it "harkens back to Marcus Aurelius," who was a philosopher and Roman emperor. "First of all, the movie Gladiator is in every guy’s top five favorite movies," he explained. "Joe Rogan's podcast is wildly popular, and there’s this trend to have this modern understanding of ancient philosophies like stoicism, cold plunging is a big thing right now, keto." Can't argue with that.

@hannahkbrown Never once do I think of such things. How is this real?! #romanempire ♬ original sound - Hannah Brown

Daly's co-host Craig Melvin theorized that it could possibly be that men "just randomly" think about the Roman Empire every day, for no particular reason. Daly's hilarious response to Melvin's suggestion was, "I think it's just part of the new young man psyche." LOL. Guess we've finally figured out what men are thinking about when we catch them staring off into space! Be sure to stay tuned for more hilarious trends on social media.

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