TikTok Is in Stiches Over Corgi Who 'Gives Up on Life'


| LAST UPDATE 10/02/2023

By Riley Hammond
hilarious corgi stuck viral
@dash_and_furrious via TikTok

Viral videos of the amusing shenanigans of TikTok pets might just be the best type of comic relief after a long and busy day. One such clip that has left users in stitches features a corgi whose short legs seemed to fail him as he was climbing into bed. And it's safe to say that many of the shorter people on the social media platform found the little guys' problem a little too relatable...

Dash the dog, known as @dash_and_furrious on TikTok, was caught by his owner at the exact moment he got stuck while trying to climb into his doggy bed. And although the soft, round cushion wasn't very high up off the ground, the little pupper's legs were still no match for it. In the viral clip, which has now garnered over 505,100 views and more than 64,200 likes, Dash decided to just hang over the side of the bed, since he couldn't climb all the way in. Looking back at the camera, the hilarious expression on his face says it all. The funny text over the clip reads, "When your legs are too short and you give up on life." LOL. Poor fella.

funny viral corgi TikTok
Ron Lach via Pexels
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Thankfully, Dash's owner, who appeared to be filming the whole thing, stepped in to help the dog, giving him a little "booty boost," as the video describes it. A little push was all Dash needed for his feet to reach over the edge of the bed, where he curled up happily. According to the American Kennel Club, adult male corgis grow to be no taller than 12 inches, which offers a good explanation for the situation Dash found himself in. Users who knew the struggle all too well flocked to the comments section of the funny clip to offer their support to Dash.

@dash_and_furrious please give me a booty boost #fyp #corgis #dogsoftiktok ♬ Cute mischief, scheming (loop) - The Penguin

"As a short person, things like this happens all the time," one user wrote, while another commented, "Oh look it's me. Unamused facial expression and all." LOL. Some of us can definitely relate. And while we're happy Dash's human came to his rescue, we're also glad the owner was able to get the hilarious moment on camera. Stay tuned for more hilarious videos!

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