Meet the TikTok Mom Serving Us Laughs


| LAST UPDATE 05/29/2022

By Kayla Black
viral tiktok mom funny
Instagram via @imperfectmomof4

From filtered selfies to cute pictures of puppies, social media has it all. And while sometimes the online world can induce a lot of shame and jealousy in moms, there are some accounts that can bring some much-needed smiles and laughter to our day. And @imperfectmomof4 is the perfect example of that kind of account! Here's why...

Unlike other influencer moms that are all about the perfectly posed picture and curated feed, @imperfectmomof4 is all about showing the sometimes messy reality of raising four kids. Her account is dedicated to "learning that imperfection is ok as a mom" and telling her story through her two mediums of choice: humor and dance. That's right - a former dancer herself and now the mother of a daughter with the same passion, the two of them bond over their love of TikTok dance trends and share them online. From over 100,000 followers on Instagram to another 100,000 on TikTok, this relatable momma has gained a huge online following - not just because of her cool dance moves but because of her hilarious videos dedicated to her life as a mom who's just trying her best!

viral mom tiktok funny
Instagram via @imperfectmomof4
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With kids ranging from toddler age to teenagers, @imperfectmomof4 has got her hands full, to say the least. And while each day comes with its own challenges, she's found a way to find the funny in every situation and share it with other moms! Plus, she's thrown in some hilarious parenting hacks, like how to hide your junk food from your kids and how to approach your moody teen and tween for some quality time. And based on the thousands of likes that each and every one of her reels rakes in, it's safe to say that this content is just as relatable as it is hilarious. "I've never seen a video that I identify with more," one momma commented.

If you want to see more of this LOL-worthy stuff for yourself, then be sure to check out @imperfectmom4 on TikTok. And be prepared to laugh! Plus, as always, be sure to check back with us soon as we bring you more of the internet's best comedy!

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