Here's Why This Hilarious TikTok User is Going Viral


| LAST UPDATE 10/26/2021

By Scarlett Adler
emily uribe viral tiktok
Instagram via @emilyuribee

If you're anything like us, you also can't get enough of that red carpet and the famous faces who regularly grace it. But imagine turning that same admiration (obsession?) into a career? For one TikTok user, that's exactly her reality. Here's how the comedian went viral after hilariously channeling our favorite celebs online.

emily uribe tiktok comedian
Instagram via @emilyuribee

Meet Emily Uribe: the celebrity-obsessed-turned-celebrity. That's right - the 21-year-old has been keeping up with Hollywood's finest for years now. From late-night shows to red-carpet interviews, she can't get enough of the lives of the rich and famous. Little did she know she'd soon become one of them...

tiktok viral star emily
Instagram via @emilyuribee

Much to her amazement, the 21-year-old funny lady has since welcomed overnight fame after turning that same passion into a full-time career. From Vogue "Get Ready With Me" parodies to mock red-carpet exchanges, the online world can't get enough of the relatable funny lady. And honestly, we can see why.


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Not only does she keep her almost 800 thousand followers entertained, but she knows exactly what people want to see. The former psychology major understands it all - the PR tricks and subtle mannerisms deployed by our favorite A-listers. And she's had no problem relaying them throughout her hilarious clips. Whether it be Ellen DeGeneres' knack for scaring her guests or Graham Norton's famously diverse roster of guest-stars, nothing gets past our 21-year-old comedian.

emily uribe tiktok star
Instagram via @emilyuribee

But from the sounds of it? Her journey to Hollywood is actually just getting started. Not only does she plan on starring in a whole range of projects (including, yes, a top-secret pilot), but she'd also love to produce. "Once I start working, I really don't want to stop," she confessed. And we're certainly glad she feels that way. After all, Emily is the TikTok gift we never knew we needed.

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tiktok viral comedian emily
Instagram via @emilyuribee

"It's been very positive, which I'm grateful for... I just want the people who react to them to enjoy [the videos]," Uribe explained. Trust us when we say we do. Pop on over to her official TikTok to see what all the hype is about for yourself.

And of course, don't forget to stay tuned...