TikTok Is Alight With Hilarious "Things I Ate & Survived" Trend


| LAST UPDATE 04/30/2023

By Lily Tipton
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TikTok really is the gift that keeps on giving. From beauty hacks to sizzling recipes, the video-sharing platform provides us with all the information we need. And when it's not providing valuable tips and tricks, it makes us laugh with hilarious nonsensical trends that get everyone involved. At present, we're all going crazy for the "Things I Ate & Survived' trend. But before you start eating your dog's dinner for the sake of good content, we recommend reading this first! It's not exactly what it seems...

A unique feature of this trend, unlike previous ones such as the tortilla challenge and the protein bore phenomenon, is that it requires photos, not videos, to get involved. Utilizing the carousel feature (much like Instagram), you'll post two images that can be slid between each other. For the first photo, you'll include a picture of the joke subject. Most commonly, this will be yourself, but it can be your dog, cat, family member, or friend.) Add the text "Things I ate and survived" on top. As we said, "ate" should not be taken literally. Allow us to explain...

Things Ate Survived TikTok
@evalongoria via TikTok
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In the TikTok world, the term "ate" refers to pulling something off. This could be a unique outfit, a photoshoot, an old haircut, or even a funny Halloween costume. Include a picture of this said moment in the second slide and let the people judge whether or not you did, in fact, pull it off! As seen by the influx of entries, this is a 'go big or go home' approach.



♬ original sound - Tank the GSD

As for the original source of this trend, the creator is currently untraceable. But, whoever it was, can sleep comfortably at night knowing they created a trend that reached over 28.6 million viewers. The hashtag #thingsIateandsurvived has clearly picked up on an unknown demand as regular folk and celebrities continue to jump at the chance to let the skeletons out of their closets. As to be expected, there's also a sub-group taking the phrase in a more literal direction, showing off some questionable foods they or their pets ate. It's fun; it's crazy; give it a go!

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