A Day in the Life of TikTok’s Funny Guy


| LAST UPDATE 06/02/2022

By Kayla Black
hilarious couple viral tiktok
Instagram via @ruesaint

Recipe tutorials, cute puppies, even the news - at this point, you can find pretty much anything on TikTok! But if you ask us, the app will always be number one when it comes to providing hilarious content to scroll through. And @ruesaint is no exception...

Jack is the face behind the viral TikTok account @ruesaint. He posts daily stories and has raked in a whopping two million followers since joining the app. Since then, fans have flocked to the account for a dose of laughs provided by himself and his girlfriend, Stéphanie Cheng, who is known online as @laparasian. Together, they bring major LOL moments with their daily antics and meme-worthy reactions to situations. So let's dive in and see why exactly the internet can't get enough of Jack! It's safe to say that followers adore the amusing dynamic between him and his girlfriend (often referred to as 'wifey' in the posts). From little moments at home to adventures on the town, their comedic dynamic never fails to bring laughs - especially since they're so willing to poke fun at each other!

viral tiktok funny couple
Instagram via @ruesaint
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 "I just realized I'm dating a 73-year-old Asian mom," the hilarious boyfriend teased of his bae. From photographing every flower in sight to getting up close and personal for a good sniff, Stéphanie was spotted tapping into serious grandma vibes, and her boyfriend couldn't help but tease her along the way. Then, of course, there's the highly relatable TikTok he shared where he caught his special lady in a bad mood before a date night. "When your wifey doesn't like how anything looks on her, and her makeup isn't done, and the music is too loud, and one of her shoes is missing, and we were supposed to leave 20 minutes ago, and she only ate one iced coffee all day," Jack captioned the video. "It's okay, the movie will wait for us," the social media user teased.

@ruesaint I ask @laparasian ♬ Suite from the Polar Express - Alan Silvestri

For tons more LOL-worthy content like the one shown above, we recommend taking a look at his viral account for a good laugh. But warning: it may be hard to stop once you start scrolling! Tread lightly...

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