Why Does Everyone on TikTok Love Corn?


| LAST UPDATE 09/01/2022

By Lily Tipton
Corn Song TikTok Trend
@cotswoldpotager via Instagram

When there's a trend on TikTok, it's hard to escape it. One day everything is normal; the next morning, you wake up to an overwhelming number of videos about corn. If you've been confused by the recent increase in corn popularity, you're not alone. Thousands of people worldwide have witnessed this phenomenon, perhaps too confused to ask how it all began and what it's all about. But this is a safe space, and we're to answer all your questions, breaking it down from the very beginning...

#CornTok dates back to August 4th, When a TikTok channel named @doingthings, reposted a Recess Therapy interview with a young boy about corn. "What do you like about corn?" the child was questioned by the interviewer. While most of us would struggle to compile a list of corn's most positive attributes, this kid came prepared. "I can't imagine a more beautiful thing!" he adorably described the vegetable. "It's corn! It's awesome. A big lump with knobs, it has the juice; it's the part that makes me mostly like the corn!" he continued. "Have a corn-tastic day!" He truly was the CEO of corn. 

Corn Song TikTok Trend
Recess Therapy via YouTube
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The hilarious video was an instant hit, attracting almost 15 million views since its release earlier this month. Foreseeing its potential as a viral TikTok sound, The Gregory Brothers, under the username @schmoyoho, got to work, remixing it into the catchiest tune on record. Taking certain snippets from the interview, the musician group released It's Corn!, immediately taking the online world by storm, garnering 20 million views in just ten days. They even went as far as to release a Spotify and YouTube full-version of the song, splitting the royalties with Recess Therapy and Tariq, the adorable corn-loving child.

@schmoyoho intro song for any meal/snack with corn 🌽 - from iconic interview on @doingthings ♬ Corn but it becomes a song and unites world - schmoyoho

Shortly after the song hit TikTok on the 19th of August, everyone wanted in. Praising the child's enthusiasm for the simpler things in life, #CornTok was trending worldwide, as many attempted to duet and lip-sync the song. With sixty-four million views on the hashtag, corn has taken over and united the world. Even the celebrities couldn't escape the corn phenomenon, with actress Ashely Tisdale uploading a hilarious video of herself singing along to the remix hit. Now you're all caught up; we sincerely apologize because this song will be stuck in your head till the next viral sound comes along!

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