This Week's Funniest Tweets

Taran Underwood

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From side-splitting funny to downright crazy, we consider it our dying duty to scrawl through the internet and find you the funniest posts the online world has to offer.

So, every week we narrow it down to the best ones..

Home Alone 2019


Macauley Culkin has come a long way since the Home Alone blockbuster franchise ruled our screens at Christmas in the 90's, he's even taken a dig at the current generation with a realistic take on how the movie's main character would have acted in the film today.

Beware Of The Seed


Whoever hates seeds when eating fruit knows this predicament all too well, maybe your one of those people who has to carefully spit out each seed before enjoying the fruit.



The erratic nature of Snapchat means there's always something strange going on there, especially with random followers who provide you with the daily motivation that should be coming from your spouse.

Tired Of The Drinking Life


Zach here has had enough of the getting hammered and waking up with a hangover, it seems he'd prefer to wake up in a ditch on the side of the freeway.

Cant Sleep, Check Surgery


The irony of this tweet is that there is a very real possibility she really was thinking about her next operation.

Licence and Registration.. Meow?


Police Officer: "Excuse me Mr. Jingles? How long have you been driving for sir?"