This Photo of Online Youths Is Going Viral


| LAST UPDATE 12/21/2021

By Scarlett Adler

There are a lot of things older people get wrong about online culture. But if you think people are out of touch now, you wouldn't believe what things were like 30 years ago. Twitter user Andy Baio shared with all us current-day online kids a hilarious find: an image of kids who are "growing up online" that appears to show said kids doing just about anything other than using a computer. But hey, maybe in the 80's holding a keyboard on a motor cycle was considered high tech?

oh, to be young and online

— Andy Baio (@waxpancake) July 6, 2019

The image has gone viral as everyone picks apart their favorite moment from this truly wild photo. After all there's *a lot* going on: a kid with headphones on driving in a pose that says "I'm reckless!" A girl on a car phone, which at the time was cutting edge. And still another cool teen girl is doing photography in front of a loose guitar and telescope, while using what might be a laptop, or maybe just a big calculator. Why? Because sure! But of all these odd choices, the boldest has got to be the goldfish guy.

careful with that goldfish, kid

— Andy Baio (@waxpancake) July 6, 2019

What's his story? Is he moving? Did he find that fish and rescue it? What does this have to do with being online? Did people not have goldfish before the internet? I guess if you want to find out, you'll have to hunt down a copy of this issue of Online Today which was apparently a magazine Compuserve published in the 80's. Good luck!