This Neighborhood Bar Has Officially Just Won The Internet

Scarlett Adler

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During these trying times, it's definitely refreshing to see individuals remaining positive. But don't take my word for it - look no further than these witty neighbors who've just taken the internet by storm with their crafty, quarantine bar.

La Guia Del Varon

Folks, meet Abbie Courtney, the mastermind behind the viral feat, dubbed 'The Distant Arms.' Along with her husband, Chris, the two decided to convert their fence into a makeshift bar.

"How do you know your neighbors aren't nice? This is the time now to say, 'let's have a drink over the wall. Let's burn the bridges,'" Abbie joked.

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Of course, it's no surprise that their hilarious invention has won over our quarantined selves.

But as for the inventive couple? "It's about friendship and love... staying in touch with loved ones. The pub's open 24 hours a day and cost nothing to build," Abbie continued.

Safe to say, that's one bar we'd love to check out once all of this madness settles down...