This Man Won A Battle And Gets To Keep Two Lions As Pets Now

Taran Underwood

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In the small village of Strelley, Nottinghamshire, the sound of a noisy neighbor or a mailman throwing the paper was suddenly replaced by the sound of two lion roaring. A 28-year-old man named Reece Oliver rescued two lions from a circus in Czech Republic, and if it wasn't enough to deal with two lions, he still had to handle his angry neighbors to wrestle with.

Regardless of what his neighbors thought, he had Rocky and Rora shipped in from the UK to come live in an enclosure he had in his home. Those lions would also have to get used to an angry neighbor of their own because that enclosure was already occupied by Puma named Rogue. Little did Reece know, rescuing these big cats was the easy part.

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Reece has been rescuing animals for some time and has a great deal of experience with these sorts of adventures. When he saw Rocky and Rora being used for entertainment at a circus, he knew he couldn't leave them helpless. He crafted a plan to not only rescue them, but bring them home and share the enclosure on his property with his pet puma.

Word got out that Reece had built this small enclosure without the correct permits, so he was going to have to request permission and make a much bigger enclosure if he was going to keep Ricky and Rora.

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After submitting his request, 14 of his neighbors objected and Reece was heartbroken. He knew that if these animals were not in the safety of his care that they would be put to sleep or lead lives filled with animal abuse.

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The neighbors were concerned about the safety of their own pets, so they didn't want two dangerous predators in their peaceful neighborhood. Reece was heartbroken but he wasn't about to give up that fast.

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Reece pleaded his case to his neighbors, telling them these lions are "like my own kids." He continued by telling them more about the lions story and his connection to them. "I've had them since they were babies and I have brought them up. I wouldn't want to give them up for the world. It's more than likely they will be put down if it's turned down. It would be devastating. It would be terrible - crushing - if I don't get the permission. It would be like someone taking my children away from me."

Well, Reece's hard work paid off and on the 27th of June, the committee voted and granted him the permission to keep his furry children. Thanks to the ruling, Reece, his girlfriend, a puma and two lions are all living happily ever after together.

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