This Guy Really Should've Just Called Sears

Taran Underwood

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If you were lucky enough to live through the 90's, you know this commercial for air conditioning from Sears. A place that, in the 90's, was kind of like if Home Depot suddenly decided to start selling clothes. This ad holds a special place in the memory of every kid who had to sit through it one million times whenever they wanted to watch Cartoon Express.

What you haven't seen, though, is what we might call the "extended director's cut fan fiction" version of the ad. In it, UCB writer Alex Estrada explores the relationship between this husband, played by Ryan Ferrell from HBO's The Deuce and his extremely sweaty wife, UCB performer Audrey Stanfield. This escalates... quickly.

With summer on its way this also serves as an excellent reminder to start saving up for a new A/C unit. You have to beat the heat, or else the heat, well, it'll beat you.