This Dad's Hilarious Instagram Prank is Going Viral

Scarlett Adler

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@onadventurewithdad via Instagram

When you're at work, are you busy worrying about your little ones back at home? How is everything going with the babysitter? Are they getting themselves into trouble? Well, for one special mother, her devoted boyfriend decided to answer her questions in the form of a hilarious prank, and you're going to want to see it for yourself.

Kenny Deuss, Prank
Instagram via @onadventurewithdad

It all started when Kenny Deuss and his girlfriend welcomed their baby girl, Alix, a little over a year ago. Safe to say, it's been a nonstop adventure since then, one that's called for tight roping over mountains and trips to the moon. Yep, no need to use your imagination here, we've got the pictures to prove it.

Kenny Deuss, Baby, Prank
Instagram via @onadventurewithdad

"When we had our daughter, and my girlfriend had to go back to work, she messaged me all the time to send photos so she knew Alix was safe," Deuss explained. So, what'd he do? "Decided to make something fun out of it," of course. From holding a drill to climbing a tree, Alex's hilarious photoshopped endeavors have taken the online world by storm.

On adventure with dad
Instagram via @onadventurewithdad

Titled, "@Onadventurewithdad," Duess's viral Instagram account has already raked in over 60,000 followers, and, well, are we even really that surprised here? Sure, the unstoppable duo might never really make it to Mars or hash it out on "a galaxy far, far away," but does it even matter?

Star Wars, Prank
Instagram via @onadventurewithdad

Of course, though, while we can't get enough of dad's hilarious prank, how is his poor girlfriend holding up? Believe it or not, she's actually agreed to go along for the ride, literally. "My partner thinks it's brilliant," Kenny proudly revealed. Sure, "The first time she probably doubted whether it was real or not," but as for today?

Girlfriend, Prank, Instagram
Instagram via @onadventurewithdad

She and her adventurous troublemakers are already planning their next adventure: Another baby girl, arriving February, 2021. Yep, something tells us this growing clan is just getting started. We'd stay tuned if we were you.