This Dad Has Had It With Your Expensive Fitness Trends

Taran Underwood

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If you're a spin class addict, you've probably been tempted by the latest in exercise technology: the Peloton bike. It's an exercise bike, you see, but it's also more: using an attached tv screen it live streams cycling classes into your home, and also, it costs over $2,000. In other words, it's every fiscally responsible dad's nightmare.


Despite the hefty price tag, or maybe thanks to the existence of financing, writer Clare O'Connor mentioned to her mother she was tempted to splurge on the bike. This is the kind of talk that triggers dads everywhere, like when a crime happens and Spiderman's spidey sense goes off. And, sure enough, O'Connor's dad sprang into action, sending her the following e-mail.

It's worth printing this out and posting it up somewhere around your desk for the next time you're tempted to do some online shopping. You could find yourself saving some money, or, as they say in dad-speak "precious after-tax income."