This Crow's Haggling Skills Are Proof That Birds Are Smart

Taran Underwood

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For anyone with a major fear of birds, this might not be great news, but it turns out that birds are pretty smart. Sure, some birds are typically "bird brained", but crows, in particular, are known for being some of nature's most genius critters. According to National Geographic, crows are smart enough to actually make tools, and birds are known for compensating for their physically small brains by having more neurons in them than other mammals. Aside from tools, crows can even remember human faces, and are able to remember if a specific human poses a threat. Meaning if a crow hates you, it's probably for a very specific reason that they will never, ever tell you. They might even "scold" you, according to researchers.

But until now, it wasn't clear that a crow would also haggle with you. Twitter user Geetima Das Krishna shared a video of a particularly consumerist crow shopping for a fish. In the clip, the crow can be seen repeatedly refusing to take smaller fish from the fisherman's cart, and cawing at him when he's denied what he wants. Eventually, the fisherman decides to let the crow make off with a larger fish, perhaps because he feared even more scolding.