This Cat Will Have No Singing, Ever

Taran Underwood

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Everyone has a pet peeve, whether it's loud gum chewing, talking on a cell phone in public, or Kris Jenner. Cats are no different, managing to fit in some very specific pet hates when they're not busy hating basically everything else. Helen, a cat, hates it when her owner sings. But instead of just quietly putting up with being annoyed and then lashing out in other ways later on like most of us would, she's doing something about it.

That's right, and that's just one song! Helen will pounce on her owner for singing virtually anything in her presence. Because Helen, she has no time for any of this. Helen demands perfect silence.

Helen hates Dave Matthew's Band! She finds their grooves neither crunchy nor smooth! She will not abide this in the morning! And she will actually bite your face for this transgression!

Okay, Helen's owner had to have seen that one coming. Literally no one over the age of 6 wants to hear 'Baby Shark' anymore. I'm pretty sure most people would rather be in the presence of an actual shark family at this point.

Helen is also not a fan of rap. Or at least, not the way her owner performs rap. Which is with more muttering than you'd expect from a rap performance.

A rare behind the scenes look at the making of one of these videos provides us a good sense of how much work Helen puts into this. She takes the time to really stalk her prey. She waits until her owner feels safe and calm. Then, she bites her on the face.

But it's not always a bite. Sometimes a chest bump is enough. Just, whatever it takes to make the infernal singing stop. And while you might be wondering why this cat hates her owner so much, spoiler alert: actually, they love each other.

So, why the violence? Maybe it's just that none of the songs her owner chose fit her particular taste. Maybe she wants something more feline-driven that she can relate to. Maybe this will finally end the manic face-biting.

Yeah nevermind, this cat just really hates singing.