These Hilarious Gift Ideas Might Have You Rethinking Your Holiday Shopping List

Molly Houghton

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Finding the perfect present isn't always filled with holiday cheer, especially for those loved ones who are more difficult in the gift department. Here are some ideas that might be too funny not to love.

Funny gift ideas

No one can say your gift wasn't personal enough with this hilarious face pillow. Just get the best - or worst- pictures of your friends and relatives and plaster them onto a sizeable cushion. Shoppers can buy a standard-shaped square pillow or have the sleeping cloud custom-shaped to the recipient's head, as seen above. Check it out on!

funny holiday gifts
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It's no secret that 2020 saw us spending a lot more time at home. Finding the perfect balance between wearing sweatpants all day and looking decent for work is not always easy. Well, Work Wonnie solves all of our problems. This "mullet for your wardrobe" is a onesie with a professional shirt on top and sweatpants below. Thank you @workwonnies for the thing we never thought we'd ever need.

hilarious gift ideas
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This might be the perfect gift for the chillier members of your family. The Santa beard and face warmer isn't the only option. These stache-protectors come in non-holiday themes, too! As the Beard Head website says, "You'll be able to spread joy even in the harshest weather!"

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This ugly sweater gift trend might feel a bit outdated, but this version gives it an amazing refresher. Whether you're a Star Wars fan or not, the Mandalorian pullover with Baby Yoda is sure to crack a few smiles from wearers and onlookers alike. May the funny force be with you this holiday season and be sure to check out these funky Ugly Christmas Sweaters.

Funny Christmas Gifts
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Forget your standard stuffed animal with a smile on its face and puppy-dog eyes. This grumpy octopus keeps it real. "Meet the Grumpiest Baby Octopus," reads the item's website. "Adopt one for yourself today. But Please DO NOT annoy him...." This is the perfect gift for that extra salty relative. On that note, happy holidays everybody!