These Dogs Are Way Better At Their Jobs Than You


| LAST UPDATE 10/17/2021

By Kayla Black

The Dog That Brings You All The Newspapers

Just helping my human. from r/aww

Meet a very, very good boy who is ready to great you first thing in the morning. His human is maybe on a break or something, but it’s no problem because Mr. Dog is here to make sure you get all your newspapers. He assumes you’re using them for bathroom stuff, right?

Your Own Personal Dog Chauffer

Teaching my husky to pull me on a longboard! Soon he'll be able to pull my girlfriend who cannot figure out how to stay balanced on a board while kicking. Pavment sleddog in the works! from r/dogswithjobs

Oh no, you’re running late for work and all you have is your longboard! Luckily this pup is ready to do help. He’ll get you to the office faster than you can say “treats”, and that’s exactly what you should pay him in.

This Good Boy Would Like to Show You His Presentation

Our office dog got a promotion from r/dogswithjobs

Good boys work their way up to the top of the corporate ladder the old-fashioned way: nepotism. This fella clearly has the whole management team in his pocket to have risen so quickly. Regardless, you have a meeting with him in the conference room in five minutes because he needs all your ideas.

Planes Don’t Take Off If This Dog Doesn’t Clock In

Meet K-9 Piper. A seven-year-old border collie, Piper is a Wildlife Control Canine at the Cherry Capital Airport in Traverse City, Michigan. His mission is to keep wildlife away from the runways. from r/dogswithjobs

Maybe your flight wouldn’t be delayed if your airport hired more dogs like this one. His job is to make sure no other animals get onto the runway and do a harm. This good boy helps ensure safety and keeps the big noise machines running to the sky.

All Mountains Are Safe Thanks to This Very Good Boy

Meet Yuba. Yuba is one of the avalanche rescue dogs in Heavenly. Also sits in front of you for pets and moves on to the next person when you're done petting him. Is also extremely fluffy. from r/dogswithjobs

If you need to go on a mountain, make sure this pupper is with you. He can help if the mountain does a fall, and he’s very cheap to hire. He just needs pets, please. Oh and food. Oh, and once in a while he might pee in the snow.

No Explosives Make It Past This Pupper’s Detection

Ricky, an explosive detection canine. from r/dogswithjobs

If you’re a bad boy with a bomb, turn around and go home! And also, get rid of your bomb! That’s what this pupper is thinking because if you have a bomb, he’s going to detect it. So let’s make this easier on all of us and just not, okay?

Humans Don’t Always Think About What The Truly Important Jobs Are

It stormed hard today and my service dog in training Zelda thinks it's also her job to locate every stick in the yard from r/dogswithjobs

This doggo knows that if you don’t keep on top of the sticks, they’ll keep on top of you. He’ll make sure every stick is found and dealt with appropriately. Because no true good boy likes a messy yard full of unruly sticks!

Kids Read Better Thanks to This Very Good Boy

Riley volunteers at schools & libraries to (nonjudgmentally) listen to kids practice their reading from r/dogswithjobs

When’s the last time you did an education? This pup helps kids learn to read, by listening patiently, which, again, is not something you’ve been doing lately bucko! Kids build confidence and get some calm thanks to this furry friend’s efforts.

This Whole Team of Dogs Is Go

Arkansas Game and Fish K9s. Check out the badges. from r/dogswithjobs

These dogs ride around in a van together and solve crimes as a team, probably. It’s not clear who drives the van, or maybe they don’t even drive the van. Maybe there’s just a van somewhere with a bunch of dogs in it who enforce the rules. So, watch out for vans!

A Gardener Who Also Uses Your Yard As His Bathroom

My weed puller runs on dog food. from r/englishshepherd

Here’s a super good boy who will clean up your yard just in time for your barbecue. He’s available to work whenever he’s awake, and accepts payment in Visa, Mastercard, or bacon. And he’ll never ask to come inside and use the bathroom because the whole yard is his bathroom!

This Clean Up Pup Does A Good Earth Day

Good boi recycling plastic bottles on earth day. from r/AnimalsBeingBros

Everyone needs to do their part if we’re gonna save the Earth, and this dog knows we need to keep Earth around. After all, that’s where all the balls are! This guy even knows to sort the bottles into their own recycling box. If he can do it, why can’t you?

First of His Name, King of The Puppers and The Doggos, Protector of The Treats

Does ruling the iron throne count? from r/dogswithjobs

All hail, King of the Puppers! It’s okay if winter comes for this pup, because he’s dressed for the long night. And while he doesn’t get along with dragons very well, he does have less of a hangup about dating family members.

A True Champion Who You Will Never Beat

Scott Sterling in action! from r/dogswithjobs

The World Cup only comes once every four years, but this doggo is always ready to stop a penalty in its tracks. He could clearly take on any human rival, even though that’s not really fair since he has twice as many legs as his human counterparts. Plus his mouth.

The Dog Who Protects and Also Serves

Amazing Trained Dog 🐕🐕 from r/BeAmazed

If you come across this dog and his owner, don’t do a mess! Best do what they say, silly humans, because this good boy backs his owners up in any battle. His favorite place? Between his owners legs, or biting a potential kidnapper.

This Dog Will Make You a Potato

Sweet Potato Stand Run By Shiba from r/dogswithjobs

This dog is doin’ a small business ownership right now. He’s got some taters, and he’s ready to sell you them. He accepts all major credit cards and please don’t forget to tip with some extra pets and chin scratches.

Do You Have an Appointment?

New secretary’s first day on the job from r/dogswithjobs

I’m sorry sir, but you can’t just go in there. Mr. Executive is very busy and assistant doggo cannot just let you inside. He is guarding a very important meeting where everyone is doin’ a deal. If you want to leave your name and number, this fella can look at you while you say it.

A Rare and Special Bat Dog

This dog does the impossible and ignores a ball. That’s because this is a rare and beautiful bat dog, who only cares about making sure no bats get left out on the baseball diamond. He had to practice picking up the bats, because they’re heavy, but not it comes second nature to him.

The Underwater Explorer Dog

Subnautidog, retriever of the treasures from r/Bossfight

Kim Kardashian needed this boy in her life when she lost her earring in the water. But to be honest, he’s best with bricks or brick-sized things. This pup doesn’t give up though, even if it takes him two dives, he will find your treasure and bring it back to the non-water place.

Hockey Dog Wins the Day

Retriever plays fetch on ice before NHL game from r/rarepuppers

You don’t even need to pass to this guy because he will do a chase and get that puck in his mouth no matter what. No one will fight him for it, because they can’t, it’s in his mouth. He’s Stanley Cup champion already, you just don’t know it yet.

This Boy Makes a Good Sushi For You

Rare boi is trained sushi chef from r/rarepuppers

It takes a sharp nose to make sure your sushi is the freshest, and this pupper will never let you down. He’s got a super fancy Michelin bark rating of three woofs, this is nearly unheard of! He was also featured on the show Dog’s Table, which we definitely didn’t just make up.

Tough Dog Does a Fight

PrO BoXer GoEs tOo fAR agaINST an AMaTuER from r/PeopleFuckingDying

This dog comes from the wrong side of the tracks, you see. He’s downtrodden and his only way out is the sport he loves: boxing. He will do a punch and a hit, he will get the KO. His eye is on the prize so just you wait, him going to be the big heavyweight champion of the world. Someday.

Encouragement Dog Does a Pep

Norbert the Therapy Dog gives you high-fives to brighten your day! from r/Eyebleach

You are the one doing a good job here, okay? This doggo is all about you and helping you visualize success. He wants his high fives, so you need to bring your positivity here to make sure you can give him some.

Corporate Dog Does a Coffee Break

CEO Huxley needs coffee before meetings from r/dogswithjobs

Mr. Pupper is in the middle of an important business, and he called you here because he has a serious pup-position for you. How would you like to come on full-time as a bacon consultant? The starting salary is many licks and some snuggles too. No, not like that!

Doggo Thinks You Seem Like a Nice Guy, Gonna Give You a Deal

Sleazy car salesman from r/dogswithjobs

This boy is a good boy to some, and a bad boy to others. If you aren’t careful, this doggo will charge extra for your undercoating. Him win a big sales award for being so slick and smooth. You won’t even realize how much you spend until you’ve left his office and it’s too late.

Let Him Show You to Your Room, Sir

That's far enough sir, please give more pets from r/aww

Hello and welcome to this dog’s hotel, where he is ready to help you carry your bags to your room. Or whatever place you may be going. Okay, it’s not a hotel it’s an alley, but still, he’s ready to help. And please don’t tip in cash, only pets, he’ll just eat the cash.

This Fella Will Show You Around, Give You a Quick Tour

Front-mounted motor from r/rarepuppers

You don’t know this lake like this pupper knows this lake. He’s gonna make sure to show you around so you get your money’s worth. Him do a good steer, he has many experiences in this area. Don’t even bother with the paddle, just leave it all to him, he knows what he’s doing!