These Animals Know How to Have a Good Time

Taran Underwood

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It’s almost the weekend, which means you’re currently deciding whether or not you even have the energy to try and go out and have all this fun you’ve heard so much about. What even is fun? Does it require being outside? Talking to people? Spending money? Ugh. Sure, it’s a bit of a slog, but if you need some inspiration on how to cut loose this weekend without expending too much of your precious and, frankly, non-existent energy.

Cows having fun playing with a hay bale

You’ve never experienced joy until you’ve been a cow unrolling a bale of hay. Where does it end? Does it *ever* end? Maybe this is forever hay! Woah, there’s more! And more! And it’s all food! Glorious, sweet delicious food! The closest you’ll ever get to this feeling is probably finding an unexpected Fruit Roll-Up on your desk or something.

ok it is time again for obvious reasons to remember how goofy this panda was playing with a snow man just having a great time this is a much more enjoyable panda story tbh
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— darth™ (@darth) April 10, 2018

This panda lives in Canada but is learning to make the best of it. First, dominate this weird snow creature who has entered his enclosure by climbing on top of him. The tallest panda is the king panda! No other creatures may be taller than this panda!
Even though he’s too small to have a horn yet, this baby rhino has learned to appreciate the smaller joys in life. Like getting a good scratch from a real good brush, or stomping around in a pile of ice. Sticks are good too. Have you heard about this? Have you seen this? Sticks, folks. Sticks.
Take a minute to appreciate how much these cows can appreciate going outside on the green, green grass. Have you done this yet? After a long hard winter, have you taken a minute to run out into an open grassy field on a spring day and just, well, frolick?? Because this is the secret to cow happiness, at least.
This chimp has extremely long term dreams of maybe being in the NFL one day, but for now, he will simply practicing pushing these lazy tiger cubs around. If you ever need some lazy tiger cubs pushed out of the way, call this guy, it’s his favorite thing to do.
If you ever find yourself bored, just get a board! Any board will do, as long as it’s wide enough to handle your steps. All you need is a slight incline and, boom, you’ve got a slide to climb! It’s hours of fun for goats and humans who are wearing pants (otherwise you’ll probably get splinters.)
This very chill raven enjoys going out and meeting people. You know, to check in. He just wants to make sure you’re alright, and that you’re aware someone cares about you. He’s also very alright himself, and is excited to share this news with whoever may be around.

Lura the clouded leopard cub playing with coconut at the Panther Ridge Conservation Center

This jaguar was looking to spice up his regular old pool time, so he went and got himself a coconut. It does everything: it splishes, it splashes, it almost fits right in his mouth. It’s everything you need to have a perfect jaguar day.

Dolphin playing ball with kid

This dolphin came all the way out of the water to have a catch with this child, which proves: this dolphin is ready to be a father. Or a coach! He’s extremely good with this ball, and his great form is already rubbing off on his companion. He’s a natural!

Rudy playing with his new ball after destroying the old one. I have his POV of this, will upload later.

Just because they don’t allow horses in the World Cup right now doesn’t mean that someday this guy won’t get a shot. In the meantime, he practices for the love of the game. And also the fun of seeing a ball roll around his pasture.
Another World Cup contender? Not quite. While it might seem like this bull accidentally broke his ball and is upset about it, there’s another way to look at this: this bull killed this ball. He is king of the pasture and he will not stand for this ball invading his territory. He has dominated the ball and is showing the human what he is capable of. Also, he needs another ball.
A lot of people don’t know this, but lions actually love cars. If you ever see an angry lion, just know he’s pissed off because he can’t drive. As a compromise, humans made safari parks so that lions could get a good look at all kinds of cars, and even do some detailing.
It’s more important than ever to try and reduce your carbon footprint however you can, but why not have fun while doing it? That’s what this bird thinks anyway. Sure, he’s gotta go to work, but he’s gonna get there in a fun new way.
Nothing is more important than spending quality time with your loved ones. This is so hard to do in the age of cell phones, but that’s probably why this otter family decided to spend their quality time doing a beach day. No phones, no tv, just cuddles and swims!

My Chocolate Lab swinging from a tree with help from her sister (me laughing like an idiot) from r/AnimalsBeingBros

Just because you have four legs, it doesn’t mean you have to stay on them all day. This very good dog is making very good use of a very simple swing, in a way that has an added benefit of being fun for the less adventurous dogs that may not be on the swing, but are supportive of this dog’s decision to swing.
Imagine meeting just any character from Game of Thrones, you’d feel pretty lucky, right? Now imagine doing actual yoga with that person, so fun right? Well that’s the life these goats are living. One of them walked on her back! That’s a story he’ll one day tell his goat grandchildren.

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One of the best things about kids is how they appreciate everything, because they’ve never experienced it before. Like this baby elephant, who is finding so much joy in the existence of his trunk, a thing all the other elephants have grown to take for granted.

i donkey, i happy, i run!

This donkey doesn’t need toys or other animals or even a fairy tale adventure with an ogre to have a good time. He’s truly just happy to be here, in this pasture, on this day, in this grass, with all his friends. See? He’s running in happiness circles.
Capybaras tend to fly under the radar, and there’s a reason for that: they value their extremely chill privacy. Sure, running in circles and prancing through fields might be good enough for other animals. But these guys need a full spa day, with hot springs and everything.

Aaaw yisss... that's the spot

OMG like, this horse is like, totally chill and just having a totally like, great day with her favorite gal pal. There’s nothing this #ladyboss horse loves more than a neck scratch from her bestie! Next up is mani-pedis!

Peek-a-Boo (Sound)

This cat is literally fantasizing about the brutal murder of this bird, and he DGAF. Because the key to having a good time is remembering that you can’t control the actions and thoughts of others. But you can play peekaboo with just about anyone as long as you are safely behind some glass.

Have a different kind of aww

One simple way to brighten up your day is to go for a quick walk with a friend. This snake proves that this is possible even if you don’t actually have legs. He has great company though, who he hopefully does not consider food.

Aw yes... What a nice breeze

You don’t need to pay for A/C to stay cool in the summer heat, because other people pay for A/C and you can just borrow theirs! Especially if you’re a tiny lil bunny who can just sneak on up there and let your little ears blow around in the stolen breeze.

Tickle tickle tickle

This lizard is experiencing so many joys all at once. He’s straight up basking in the sun, while laying in the soft sand on his back. He’s also being tickled, which he seems to find extremely amusing. And also, this might technically count as a dance.

Can i go now..?

A running theme is beginning to emerge within the animal kingdom: there’s nothing more relaxing than a spa day. Well, maybe the one thing that’s more relaxing than a spa day is bragging about your spa day on Instagram. And since hedgehogs don’t have instagram they just have to call the dog into the bathroom and insist he bear witness to all the luxury.

Just a man playing with his pet goose

Here’s a goose who loves a good game, maybe a little too much. He’s an extremely competitive goose who has no intention at all of losing what must be a game of hot potato between him and this human. He’s so hellbent on winning he’d sooner destroy the can than end up with it. He counts this as a win.

Slip and Slide

It’s a known fact that cats really hate water, but that’s probably because they don’t know about water’s alternate form: ice. It’s perfectly solid so it doesn’t mess up your coat, and it makes playing with your friends so much more interesting. What a great day.