A Peek Into the Hilarious World of Rianne Meijer


| LAST UPDATE 11/05/2021

By Kayla Black
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Instagram via @rianne.meijer

With all the grim news that surrounds us on a daily basis, more and more people are using social media to escape for a few minutes (or hours... we don't judge) a day. And thanks to hilarious content creators like Rianne Meijer, our days get to be a little funnier after seeing one of her hilarious videos.

rianne meijer funny instagram
Instagram via @rianne.meijer

The viral Instagram user, who boasts 1.5 million followers, has built an image off of her down-to-earth personality and ability not to take herself too seriously. She first started making waves around the internet with her trend, "Instagram versus Reality," which showed the unedited and unfiltered moments behind her most posed pictures. It spread like wildfire, and soon she found herself with a following from around the world. And while too much recognition on social media can lead to brand deals and sponsored content that can ruin the humor, Rianne has found a way to stay just as funny as she once was.

rianne meijer instagram reality
Instagram via @rianne.meijer

Just recently, the Netherlands-born influencer recycled a LOL-worthy video that she likes to bring back every year, nearly the second that Halloween has passed. "There's only one appropriate post for november 1st," Meijer captioned the post, which went on to rake in over one million views in just three days. The video featured Rianne in full Christmas spirit, running around the beautiful streets of Amsterdam and Christmas-ifying everything she laid eyes on. And despite the holiday being over 50 days away, hundreds of people in the comments section shared the same energy as Meijer: Out with the Halloween décor and in with the candy canes.

But Christmas wasn't the only topic Rianne knew how to tap into to make people laugh. Another video featured her hilarious attempt (well, technically fail) at a popular TikTok trend, where dog owners fake being attacked by a vacuum to see how their furry companions would react. "I got a little carried away with this one," Rianne wrote in the caption. "Great to know my dogs will help me in times of need." Alas, where the original video showed someone's German Shephard leaping into action to help their owner, Rianne's dogs hilariously sat on the sofa doing nothing.

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