The Deceased Leaves Funeral Goers In Laughter


| LAST UPDATE 07/18/2021

By Scarlett Adler

Funerals are a time of reflection and often great sorrow. We look back at those we have lost and for the last time, say goodbye. But there are rare specimens out there who hold quite a different approach to these gloomy moments. Instead, they choose to mark these ceremonies as a time of celebrating life and laughter.

In fact, one Dublin man believed in this so adamantly, he spent over a year planning and perfecting his very own impending funeral. And rest assured, funeral goers were in for the surprise of their lives come that fateful day...

Shay Bradley, a witty, 63 year old, gifted mourners one final laugh, as she shocked them with a prerecorded message at his funeral. The father of four made one final 'appearance,' as his casket was lowered into the open grave. 'Let me out!' Bradley could be heard shouting, followed by 'banging', seemingly from within the casket.

At first, guests were left in a state of shock, unsure of what to make of the startling stint. Of course, in a matter of moments, though, laughter quickly hijacked the once-somber ceremony.

The dearly departed had been battling a three year fight with cancer, and selflessly took it upon himself to arrange his imminent funeral. In one take a year prior, he and his son Jonathan secretly recorded the audio, as Bradley wanted to ensure funeral goers 'would be laughing leaving the cemetery, not crying. And he done just that'.

This heartwarming surprise was 'his way to both say goodbye, and to let us know, right.. The sadness of today is over, go and celebrate the life I lived in a joyous way. He always filled every room with so much laughter. His stature was larger than life,' his daughter Andrea shared.