TFW Your Boss Has a Sex Question

Taran Underwood

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Look, I know, it's hard to imagine how the words "sex" and "boss" could ever appear in a sentence together and be funny, especially now. But this is a very special story about a very special employee and her very special relationship with her boss. No, not special in the creepy way, special in the fun way. As in, you know, they're pals.

Twitter user @hsiridoj and her boss, who we'll call Nikki (because her name appears to be that), have managed to pull off one of the trickiest relationships ever: they're pals even though one is the other's actual boss. This presents complications. Like, what if they give you a job you don't want to do? What if they see on Instagram you were lying about being sick? Or, what if they have a question about hot vaginas?

Luckily, Nikki the boss was not directing this question at her employee. She was asking an extremely supportive friend on the phone about different vaginal temperatures. And honestly, what else can you do when you "don't have that much sexual experience" but you are trying to "be cool" in conversations about vaginal temperatures?

But without bold bosses like Nikki, where would we get the video clips necessary to create all new reaction GIFs? The gods of content must be satisfied!

More! More! We demand more reaction GIFs to use the next time our uncle leaves a two paragraph long Facebook comment under one of our posts!

But wait, let's not get side-tracked. A question was asked in this video. A question about whether some vaginas are warmer than other vaginas. And this is a question we never knew we had, but which is now plaguing us. Luckily, there was a follow up:

Nikki! She has so no answers, but so much coffee and donuts. Which will hopefully be used to fuel her quest to unravel the mystery of vaginal temperature. Or, maybe she's just celebrating her newfound viral fame, of which she is very aware.

It's true, at this point I think everyone on the internet would pay up to one dollar to learn the answer to this most viral of questions. And it's up to Nikki to buckle down and do this research for us.

Once she's done basking, of course. Until then, I guess we'll just have to quietly meditate on the many, many mysteries that surround human sexuality.